Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes In 6 Balls In T20 WorldCup

Indian cricket has given its fans countless unique moments over the last few decades. This is the remarkable moment in the Indian cricket history when hit by Yuvraj Singh 6 Six In 6 Balls. It’s the unique moment that Yuvraj Singh catapulted into superstardom. The visuals from the 6 Sixes By Yuvraj Singh off Stuart Broad have now become synonymous with the greatest moments of Indian cricket.

Hence, On September 19, 2007, for the first time in a T20I, India’s Yuvraj Singh became the first-ever batsman to send six balls across the boundary in a row. In the 19th over of the game, he hammered England’s Stuart Broad into every corner of the court.

Ball By Ball – Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes In 6 Balls

  • 1st-Ball: It was a long one tossing on the legs of a batsman. Yuvraj cleared his legs and for a colossal six blasted the ball way across the cow-corner area.
  • 2nd-Ball: Were deliver on the legs again. The left-hander easily flicked the ball toward the backward region of the square leg, showcasing his wristwork. The ball soared up into the sky and cleared the ropes with ease to make it the over’s second consecutive six.
  • 3rd-Ball: However, yet it turns out to be half-volley off-stump outside. It was as if this was just what Yuvraj was looking for. Once, he cleared his feet and smashed the ball cleanly over extra cover for the over’s third consecutive six.
  • 4th-Ball: It turned out to be a full-toss outside that Yuvi scythed backward for the fourth consecutive sixth over.
  • 5th-Ball: Was a stylish half-volley on a leg-stump. Yuvraj was confident and he slapped it over mid-wicket and bent down on one knee. The ball stayed in the sky for a while before passing through the ropes for the fifth consecutive six of the over.
  • 6th-Ball: Was a gentle middle-stump ball and it was the perfect delivery for the Yuvraj, who disdainfully blasted it for another colossal sixer over wide mid-on and recorded his name with it in history books for 6 sixes in 6 balls.
Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes In 6 Balls

Hence, that one over changed Team India’s fortunes in the tournament and gave Indian fans plenty to cheer for the coming weeks. Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes In 6 Balls will therefore forever remember.

Therefore, as a result, Yuvraj Singh became the first batsman in T20 Worldcup Internationals to hit 6 sixes in an over and the fourth in senior cricket at the time. Garry Sobers and Ravi Shastri had done it in first-class matches before him, and Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa did it in the ODI World Cup 2007.

Video Highlights Of 6 Sixes In 6 Balls