The Surprising Reason Why Laughing Is Good For You

Smiling or laughing is contagious, it helps you reciprocate to see someone smiling spontaneously, even if you have a tough day. You see a giggling kid and it tickles your funny bone, doesn’t it? Being open to good humor is not only a stress buster, but it also allows the body to make a lot of physical improvements. You’ll be shocked to find why laughing is really good for you, it is so much more than simply lifting your spirits.

Whether it’s a battle with your partner or the annoying traffic. The exhausting work life of today has taken a toll on our wellbeing and we have neglected to live and enjoy the small moments in the present.

This the need is a testament to the spike in the number of stand-up comedians and comedy shows. To watch these performances, people are paying out big bucks. Maybe this is an escape from their demanding schedule. Laughter clubs see hundreds of people coming together early in the morning in suburban parks and just laughing out loud.

Is this all a fad or does evidence accept the idea that laughing heals? Experts suggest that because of emotional tension, much of our health issues increase.

Why Laughing Is Good For You

If you start laughing, your health-related issues can’t be magically healed, but the stress just adds to the problem. So if you see some frowning face around you, turn the frown upside down with the most effective weapon, humor. This medication is not sold at any pharmacy, is free, and does not come with a booklet for directions.

Reasons Why Laughing Is Good For You

Stress Buster

The motion of the facial muscles sends messages to the brain while one smiles, which in turn allows some neurotransmitters called endorphins to be generated. These chemicals act as natural pain killers, making us feel comfortable and decrease our levels of stress. The more one helps the brain to expel the hormones, the more calm and composed one feels.

The body secretes the stress hormone cortisol when you are stressed. When we are distressed or depressed or angry, cortisol becomes more involved, as a consequence in which the body initiates a sympathetic response. A parasympathetic reaction is then triggered by pleasant thinking.

Helps In Respiration

After a hearty joke, have you noticed a feeling of joy? This is because deep exhalations include humor that reduces the heart rate and blood pressure and you reach a happier state. Laughing has a cleansing effect, comparable to deep breathing, and is highly useful for patients suffering from emphysema and other respiratory ailments.

Improves Social Relations

The dilemma between friends and family members is only compounded by recurrent mood swings and anger problems. This typically ends up affecting the household’s overall equilibrium which is also the trigger for break-ups which divorce. “Dr. Prerna Kohli (Ph.D.), a Gurgaon-based clinical psychologist, tells us how laughing impacts one’s social interactions,” It is a well-known reality that laughter decreases tension.

A happy and stress-free person is a good friend, with whom would you rather be someone who is stressed & dumps you with their emotional garbage or someone friendly, amusing, and making you laugh? For the mind, body, and spirit, laughing is great and is akin to jogging for the spirit. Laughter brings good energy and the relationship rejuvenates. The best tension buster is laughter.

Burns Calories And Tones Your Abs

Obviously, to help you lose the stubborn flab, you can not only focus on your sitcoms but laughing is like a mini-workout. When you laugh so hard, the muscles of the stomach stretch and contract almost like when you do an ab exercise. To have your toned stomach, laughing serves like a cheat sheet. “The fact that laughing consumes calories is a proven fact.

As you move across the city in parks and gardens, yoga lovers practice yoga and laugh as a group. Laughing is one of the social yoga asanas. Physiologically speaking, laughter allows a person to inhale deep breaths, and blood pumps through the bloodstream as the chest rises and falls, equivalent to jogging.

Helps You Sleep Well

If a comic genre is the last episode you watch before dozing off, so you have good prospects of peaceful sleep. A good laugh before sleeping lowers anxiety and leads to a night of deep sleep which, after a long day, is exactly what you need.

Eases Physical Pain

In relieving pain, how does cracking up help? The response lies in what happens when we laugh within our hearts. The muscles shift and enlarge the blood vessels, and give more blood to all areas of the body, while you have a fun hearty laugh. Besides, the breathing rate increases, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. An individual with a strong sense of humor is still in a positive state of mind and optimistically approaches each mission.

Makes You Look Younger

Laughter for the facial muscles is an exceptional workout. To add the excitement to your face, about 15 facial muscles come together. Laughing increases the flow of oxygen to the lips, which nourishes the skin and makes the face shine. It tones the face-up, making you an enticing appearance.


There has been an uptick in mind based disorders such as depression, anxiety, nervous breakdown, and sleeplessness contributing to suicidal impulses due to the pressure of contemporary work life. Laughing improves serotonin production, a natural anti-depressant that induces a general feeling of well-being and holds one positive.