What To Do When Animal Bites A Complete Safety Guide

It is very common that sometimes animal bites us. The animal may be pet or it may be wild. The wound created by the animal bites may get infected fast and may bring disaster effect for you and your child.

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The Steps You Should Follow When An Animal Bites

What You Should Do Immediately After An Animal Bites

At the first phase wash the area bitten by the animal. You must wash well the affected area or the wound with soap and water. In addition, check whether the affected area is bleeding still or not. If bleeding is continuous, keep pressure to stop bleeding or use clean clothes and wrap a while around the bleeding area. As soon as it stops bleeding, use an antibiotic cream to the affected area. You may use Neosporin Cream. Then use a clean bandage to cover the affected area.

Finally, take medical support since many bites may create an infection. The bite may need stitches also. So, take medical support within the first twelve hours after the animal bites. You know what? If a human bites you or your child, the same treatment is required. So, never underestimate the human bite also. In addition, when you seek for medical support, tetanus vaccines are most of the times recommended by the doctors. If your child has not been given tetanus in the past 5 years, the doctor will prescribe tetanus. An adult, in fact, needs the vaccine every ten years. Remember, when you will take medical support, follow the doctor’s prescription and advice.

What You Should Do Immediately With The Animal That Bites You

When an animal bites you or your child, first check whether it is a pet animal. If it is a pet animal, find out the owner and ask whether the animal has been vaccinated. When you take medical support, inform the medical team if the animal is vaccinated. However, if the animal is not a pet animal, put a fence around the animal. Try to observe the animal’s behaviour for around ten days. But most importantly, if the animal is very wild and ferocious, it is not necessary to cage the animal to observe the behaviour for around ten days.

Safety Tips For You And Your Children

The Steps You Should Follow When An Animal Bites

Animals usually bite after all they are animals. As an adult, you also should know how you can ensure safety around animals and you must also teach your children about the safety tips around the animal.

The most important part is that never ever disturb any animals when they are eating. In addition, do not pull your pets’ tails and ears. When you need to pick up your pets, pick up very gently and slowly without making any discomfort for them. Always clean your hands when you touch your pets and always keep your pets on a leash. Never ever try to feed wild animals and the animals that do not know you. In fact, in this case, we have found that the animal bites the unknown person though they try to feed them. Teach your child not to put their fingers or hands inside the animal’s cage.

Safety Tips While A Dog Threatens

Teach your child not to shout or scream when a dog threatens. Tell also that your child should not run. In addition, inform them not to keep eye contacts with the dog and most importantly your child should stand still with hands at both sides. The child should move slowly when the dog seems that the dog loses interest in your child. What to do if the dog attack? Everyone should keep something like a bag, books, jacket in front of him when a dog attacks. It may be the chance that you fall down. Do not afraid. Use your hands over ears and curl like a ball on the ground and do not shout or scream. Furthermore, the greatest safety method you must always keep in mind that never ever try to run, just slowly walk away if a dog starts to growl when you approach him.