What Is Gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis is an infection of the digestive system, which in fact causes many symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps or diarrhoea. Some foods and drinks help the body recover faster from this ordeal. To treat gastroenteritis, there are several solutions:

  • Taking oral rehydration solutes (ORS) to prevent dehydration,
  • Good hydration (drink often and in small amounts), reduce the intensity and duration of diarrhoea (intestinal transit slowing, adsorbents / intestinal protectors), and
  • A dietary approach. 

The First Task You Must Do

The vomiting and diarrhoea, in fact, lead your body towards in such a state that your body loses minerals and water since these important elements drop down due to vomiting and diarrhoea. What you should do is to have a lot of water to fill up the fluid that you have lost. It is usually recommended that you should have at least two litres of water each day when you are suffering from gastroenteritis. Moreover, you may add sugar to the water since the sugar water will give you more energy. You may also drink soda water but keep in mind that you may only drink soda water when there will no gas. So, if you want to remove the gas from the soda, stir the drink for a longer time. In addition, do not drink any beverages which actually cause dehydration. You must also avoid coffee and alcohol.

Foods That You Should Take During Gastroenteritis

Indeed, the initial couple of days, it is frequently hard to have foods appropriately, yet consistently attempt to eat a bit or else you may be very sick. As the travel winds up calmer, it is critical to take an expanded eating regimen. Moreover, when you begin eating somewhat more, it is prescribed to take a small portion of foods dividing into many meals a day. There are actually many recommended foods that you should take when you suffer from gastroenteritis. You should start taking well-cooked rice, white pasta, Lean fish, Carrots (only cooked carrots), Cheese baked the dough, yoghurt with Bifidus (probiotics), applesauce or grated apples, ripe banana, and of crackers spread with honey or fruit jelly.

Foods That You Must Not Take During Gastroenteritis

There are actually some foods that you must not have during gastroenteritis. In fact, these forbidden foods will make the situation somewhat complicated. Fibre foods, actually fibre-enriched food trigger the intestine resulting in transition. Fat is also recommended not to add in your diets during gastroenteritis. In addition, be sure that you are not taking brown rice and wholemeal bread, the lentils, the fries, dried beans and spicy meals or dishes. Do not take fruits. However, taking a banana among fruits is the most effective one during such a situation. So, avoid these food items for around the first three days when you are suffering from gastroenteritis. Obviously, you should keep in mind that when you recover from such situation, start to shift towards your usual food items but you should shift gradually, especially at least after the three days of the awake of gastroenteritis.