Vitamin D Deficiency Causes, Signs And Prevention

Vitamin D Deficiency leads to many health-related hazards. Most of us probably know how vitamin D deficiency may lead us to be very sick. Especially for the bone health vitamin D is very important. Who does not want to live a healthy life? Keeping in mind that our readers want to lead a very healthy and happy life, we have taken a decision to write on vitamin D deficiency.

However, as most of us know how vitamin D flaw makes our health deteriorate, you should know the causes of how vitamin D lack develops in our body. Again we should also know the sign/symptoms of vitamin D deficiency so that we can take immediate steps to stop it. Finally, we obviously should have proper knowledge about how to prevent Vitamin D flaw.  

Causes Of Vitamin D Deficiency

There are many causes that in fact increases the chance of vitamin D deficiency. The following are the very common causes of vitamin D lacking:

  • If you are living in a high latitude, there is an obvious chance that you will exposure very less Ultra Violet Rays from the sun. In fact, living in a high latitude is a very common cause of vitamin D flaw.
  • Are you always busy with your works inside your room? Being inside in the room for most of the time leads to vitamin D lacking.
  • Is your skin dark? Dark skin people need more sunlight exposure than fair skin people to absorb vitamin D.  
  • Do you use sunscreen? In fact, large sunscreen usages lead to vitamin D insufficiency since the large sunscreen blocks the ultraviolet ray from the sun.
  • If you are a patient of kidney diseases as well as liver diseases, there is a chance of vitamin D deficiency.
  • Overweight is also related to vitamin D flaw.
  • Age is also a factor that you may develop vitamin D flaw. The increasing age leads to vitamin D lacking.
  • Crohn’s disease also triggers vitamin D deficiency.
  • If someone is living in a very high polluted environment, the chance of vitamin D flaw increases.

The Major Signs Of Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency

Unexplained Infertility

If someone is suffering from infertility and the pathological report founds no reasons, it is believed by the expert that this infertility is triggered due to the vitamin D deficiency. It is proven even in some researches.

High BP

If your doctor does not get the reasons of your frequent high BP encounter, it is in fact due to the lacking of vitamin D in your body. Yes, lacking vitamin D in your body leads to raising your BP high.

Extreme Tiredness

Suppose you are taking proper rest. In addition, you are also getting good and appropriate sleep during the night but you feel extreme tiredness. This extreme tiredness feel is very common if you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Diabetes also creates the same situation that you may feel extremely tired most of the time.

Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness feel is the number one symptom of vitamin D deficiency. You may also experience the change of muscle strength.

Changing Of Mood

Changing of mood is also a sign of vitamin D deficiency. You may experience with anxiety most of the time due to the lack of vitamin D in your body.

Chronic Pain

Do you experience chronic pain but you do not have any other diseases? Actually, if you have vitamin D deficiency, you will experience chronic pain.

Endurance Level

Have you noticed recently that your endurance level drastically changed? When you are suffering from vitamin D flaw, you will lose your endurance level. Watch the old people near you. Yes, you will notice that their endurance level has been changed. In fact, old people suffer more vitamin D lacking than young.

Tips To Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency

First of all, to say goodbye to vitamin D flaw, you must consult a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice and the prescription if you are suffering from vitamin D lacking.  If you want that you should not face vitamin D flaw, go out of home, especially early morning. You can take a walk. In fact, walking early in the morning helps your skin to absorb ultraviolet ray from the sun. Secondly, never ever live in an area which is heavily polluted. However, a heavily polluted area not only provides you with the less chance to be exposed to ultraviolet ray of sunlight, but it also provides you with an area where more diseases are waiting for you.

Thirdly, never forget to add the foods at your daily diets which are rich in vitamin D. Spinach, White beans, Salmon, Cheese, Egg yolks, etc are the vitamin D enriched food. Fourthly, take care of yourself if you have kidney or liver diseases. Follow your doctor’s advice properly and take your medicine regularly. Fifthly, do not live in a high latitude area if it is possible. Sixthly, if you are overweight, try your best to balance your ideal weight to escape from vitamin D lacking. Seventhly, if you use sunscreen, it is okay. However, excess or huge usage of sunscreen will obviously block the ultraviolet sun rays to be absorbed in your skin. So do not use huge sunscreen. Last but not least, being conscious of health will always help you to escape from many health-related hazards.