Typhoid Fever Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention

Typhoid Fever is a type of bacterial infection. It is usually caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi. You know what? Typhoid is, in fact, a very deadly fever. Furthermore, this deadly fever may catch anyone anywhere in the world. However, the developing countries are at a higher risk of Typhoid fever.

In this article, we will reveal Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Typhoid Fever. In addition, it is to be noted here that most of the time typhoid fever affected patients usually suffer from very high temperature with some other health disorders. A decision taken timely like consulting doctor immediately will obviously help you to recover from this fever. This fever indeed makes people very weak.

Typhoid Fever Causes: The Things You Should Do

A bacteria called Salmonella typhi is responsible for typhoid. This bacteria, in fact, spread through food and drinks. However. you may claim that your food and water is hygiene.  But be sure to check your main water line if it has any leaks or defects since the leakage may be responsible to pollute water with germs and dirt. Furthermore, if you use contaminated water to wash and clean fruits and vegetables, then obviously you are inviting diseases to visit your home! It is, in fact, a very wise decision to wash and clean fruits and vegetables with clean and hot water. Be aware of developing countries people! Since Typhoid Fever loves developing countries, do not use the tap water! Be sure it is clean or filtered and then wash and clean with hot water.

Since people carry this Salmonella typhi bacteria when the people are affected by it, you can stop these bacteria from spreading from one person to another by adopting some simple tips. Wash your hand appropriately and properly or even you can take a shower. It is also a wise decision not to allow your children to get direct contact with the Typhoid Fever Patients. Indeed, these patients carry Salmonella typhi bacteria. Again people with a positive test as carriers such bacteria should not be allowed to mix with other people.

Typhoid Fever Symptoms

You should know the Typhoid Fever Symptoms so that you can immediately consult a doctor. So, check these symptoms:

  • The symptom will show within 6 to 30 days. There might be some special cases but if the symptoms are positive, consult a doctor as soon as possible
  • The major symptoms are that you will experience rash and fever. These are in fact major symptoms. Watch out for these two since these are the first indication that you might have typhoid fever.
  • The rash will contain rose-coloured spots. They are more likely to happen in the neck and abdomen. But, do not take any chances
  • You might feel weak.
  • There will be abdominal pain.
  • Certain headaches and constipation.
  • Apart from that, few symptoms might not be present here.

Typhoid Fever is not like a seasonal flue that you will be fine within 3 days! If your family members or you experience with such symptoms, then consult a doctor immediately.

Typhoid Fever Treatments

There is only one effective treatment for typhoid. That is nothing but to take an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. Actually, antibiotics are prescribed to terminate Salmonella typhi bacteria from the blood. In recent years, typhoid is becoming resistant to certain drugs. Therefore, it is important to be up to date with various news about this hot topic. Apart from that, if the bowel becomes perforated, surgery may be required. Sometimes if you are suffering from Bronchitis and you are affected with Typhoid, typhoid fever may turn into a very harsh monster to

How To Prevent Typhoid Fever?


There are lots of high-risk areas. So, before travelling anywhere, do your research. To prevent typhoid, take the vaccination. This will help you to prevent from getting infected. Vaccinations are not 100% effective. So, you should be cautious whenever you are eating foods. Salmonella typhi probably is running around your food since tap water is not safe. But people use tap water to clean and cook food.

Avoiding Typhoid Fever Infection

You can avoid Typhoid by following these steps:

  • Try to drink bottled water since bottled water is free from Salmonella typhi.
  • If you cannot have bottled water, try to boil water in the best way possible.
  • Don’t take ice cubes on drinks. You don’t know what it might consist of.
  • Avoid eating street foods.

Lastly, it should be written here that we can write the antibiotics name though many online pages write out the names of the medicine. Jalewa is different. Jalewa aims to provide the right knowledge to the people without making any situation complicated. It is, in fact, a wiser decision not to write the medicine names. Some people may start buying this medicine and start taking. Yes, we know that the drugstores never sell medicines without the doctors’ prescriptions. But in developing countries, there are many drugstores which not only sell without prescription, they also suggest medicine for the low earning people! If a person takes antibiotic more often and does not complete the course, the person may experience antibiotic resistance. This is the actual reason why Jalewa does not like to write medicine name, especially antibiotic medicine name.