Top Dedicated Web Hosting Server Providers 2019

Dedicated web hosting server have everything to do with what you want to do. Rather than sharing a server through shared hosting, all the space is dedicated to what you will be building. Hosting providers sell dedicated server space for different rates that can range from $45 to $250 plus. Mostly this depends on the server size, but some hosting providers are going to throw in some extra stuff to get you to sign up.

With dedicated servers, if you are building a company website, you want a lot of storage and power. You might not need as much storage otherwise. Differences also exist between processors. You won’t spend as much on single processor servers, but if you buy a multi-core server like an Intel Xeon processor, you’ll probably spend that extra power.

Additional features such as control panels, applications, security software, malware scanning, malware removal, SSL certificates, and OS installation are also provided by some dedicated hosting options. These are typically add-ons, but they are included with the server price by some hosting providers.

In a dedicated server, there are a few things you want to look for. This guide looks at these features to determine the industry’s best dedicated web hosting server providers.

Customization: Does both Linux and Windows have options for the hosting provider? Can you allocate space as you like? Basically, does the provider of hosting really provide a dedicated server? Hosting providers in some cases sell “private servers” that still share space with other cohabitants. You want to customize and control a dedicated server that is entirely your own.

Uptime: We classify websites as stable through uptime. Using website monitoring tools, you can monitor the uptime of a hosting provider. If you don’t use any bandwidth, dedicated hosting servers should never go down. You probably need to upgrade if you have a ton of traffic and outgrow your bandwidth. Unless there is a natural disaster, your hosting should go down in no other situation. Each review has an uptime marker that shows you how well the hosting provider is doing with constant traffic and bandwidth on the website.

Congestion: On a dedicated server, you should not have any congestion as you are on a dedicated server. With shared hosting, if something suddenly goes viral on their website, you may have other websites taking up bandwidth on the server and even crashing it. The only congestion should be felt with your hosting provider and a dedicated server if you’ve gone viral.

Security: Dedicated servers need security options to protect your website from hackers, viruses and breakdowns. Configurations for the firewall are important but time-consuming. Some hosting providers will provide additional built-in security features so you don’t have to worry about it and start with your server without installing any security except for additional options you might want.

Customer Support: Finally, what kind of support is given to the customer by the hosting provider? Customer support should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially if you run an online business or a multi-user support game. If something goes wrong or you want to upgrade before something goes wrong, you’ll want a hosting provider that makes it easy to get in touch.

Features: If you’re a master of Linux, you probably won’t need that much more help. However, it is nice to start using some of the customized features of some hosting providers as quickly as possible. Media Temple, for example, provides a control panel to make it easy to monitor the performance of your website. You can also install your own web monitoring tools.

Below are the best dedicated server providers. See how the major hosting options stack each other based on customization, uptime, congestion, safety, and support.

List Of Top Dedicated Web Hosting Server 2019


1. Bluehost

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $79.99/month

If you’re a business that needs a medium-to-business website, then Bluehost is a great option with different packages that match your budget for dedicated servers. It provides some of the features included in the price to make it a better option if you don’t know how to set up a server or want to set up as quickly as possible.

Bluehost servers start at $79.99/month with 1 TB of hard drive space, 16 GB of RAM, and 15 TB of monthly data transfers. It will also set up the server for you and create additional cost-effective custom configurations. Bluehost also throws tools and easy-to-use applications in some website monitoring so that you can set up what you need in a very short time.

Over the past six months, Bluehost’s uptime has been decent, averaging 99.97 percent with a few failures over the past 90 days. Customer support is available through Bluehost 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be contacted via live chat. My customer service experience with Bluehost has always been positive. I can get in less than 2 minutes to speak to a representative via Live Chat.

Bluehost Dedicated Web Hosting Server