Top Dedicated Web Hosting Server Providers 2019

Dedicated web hosting server have everything to do with what you want to do. Rather than sharing a server through shared hosting, all the space is dedicated to what you will be building. Hosting providers sell dedicated server space for different rates that can range from $45 to $250 plus. Mostly this depends on the server size, but some hosting providers are going to throw in some extra stuff to get you to sign up.

With dedicated servers, if you are building a company website, you want a lot of storage and power. You might not need as much storage otherwise. Differences also exist between processors. You won’t spend as much on single processor servers, but if you buy a multi-core server like an Intel Xeon processor, you’ll probably spend that extra power.

Additional features such as control panels, applications, security software, malware scanning, malware removal, SSL certificates, and OS installation are also provided by some dedicated hosting options. These are typically add-ons, but they are included with the server price by some hosting providers.

In a dedicated server, there are a few things you want to look for. This guide looks at these features to determine the industry’s best dedicated web hosting server providers.

Customization: Does both Linux and Windows have options for the hosting provider? Can you allocate space as you like? Basically, does the provider of hosting really provide a dedicated server? Hosting providers in some cases sell “private servers” that still share space with other cohabitants. You want to customize and control a dedicated server that is entirely your own.

Uptime: We classify websites as stable through uptime. Using website monitoring tools, you can monitor the uptime of a hosting provider. If you don’t use any bandwidth, dedicated hosting servers should never go down. You probably need to upgrade if you have a ton of traffic and outgrow your bandwidth. Unless there is a natural disaster, your hosting should go down in no other situation. Each review has an uptime marker that shows you how well the hosting provider is doing with constant traffic and bandwidth on the website.

Congestion: On a dedicated server, you should not have any congestion as you are on a dedicated server. With shared hosting, if something suddenly goes viral on their website, you may have other websites taking up bandwidth on the server and even crashing it. The only congestion should be felt with your hosting provider and a dedicated server if you’ve gone viral.

Security: Dedicated servers need security options to protect your website from hackers, viruses and breakdowns. Configurations for the firewall are important but time-consuming. Some hosting providers will provide additional built-in security features so you don’t have to worry about it and start with your server without installing any security except for additional options you might want.

Customer Support: Finally, what kind of support is given to the customer by the hosting provider? Customer support should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially if you run an online business or a multi-user support game. If something goes wrong or you want to upgrade before something goes wrong, you’ll want a hosting provider that makes it easy to get in touch.

Features: If you’re a master of Linux, you probably won’t need that much more help. However, it is nice to start using some of the customized features of some hosting providers as quickly as possible. Media Temple, for example, provides a control panel to make it easy to monitor the performance of your website. You can also install your own web monitoring tools.

Below are the best dedicated server providers. See how the major hosting options stack each other based on customization, uptime, congestion, safety, and support.

List Of Top Dedicated Web Hosting Server 2019

1. Bluehost

Bluehost Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $79.99/month

If you’re a business that needs a medium-to-business website, then Bluehost is a great option with different packages that match your budget for dedicated servers. It provides some of the features included in the price to make it a better option if you don’t know how to set up a server or want to set up as quickly as possible.

Bluehost servers start at $79.99/month with 1 TB of hard drive space, 16 GB of RAM, and 15 TB of monthly data transfers. It will also set up the server for you and create additional cost-effective custom configurations. Bluehost also throws tools and easy-to-use applications in some website monitoring so that you can set up what you need in a very short time.

Over the past six months, Bluehost’s uptime has been decent, averaging 99.97 percent with a few failures over the past 90 days. Customer support is available through Bluehost 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be contacted via live chat. My customer service experience with Bluehost has always been positive. I can get in less than 2 minutes to speak to a representative via Live Chat.

2. HostGator

Hostgator Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $124.50/month

HostGator offers some good hosting options for those who want to purchase a specific server package. This provider offers several features including SSD storage, RAM, and data transfer customization. HostGator provides unlimited transfers of data, which is better than most hosting providers on the server.

You can find dedicated hosting for Linux and Windows. This is important to customize your server in a certain language with different applications. You can install all kinds of applications, including WordPress or other CMS platforms, on your dedicated server, as you will have plenty of space on your own server.

For HostGator, Uptime was reliable, remaining at 99.99 percent, and customer service reviews show that HostGator is reliable and provides extensive customer support options.

HostGator offers a decent price for a good dedicated web hosting server with lots of features including custom configuration from their customer service team. There may be additional security options. Instead of month-to-month pricing, the lowest rate must also be bought upfront.

3. Liquid Web

Liquid Web Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $199, discounts available

You can find dedicated servers on Liquid Web based on Linux and Windows. Another benefit is that there is no shared hosting via Liquid Web, so you get your own dedicated host and server whenever you purchase a plan. There are a number of different configurations to choose from, including a $859/month high-end dual-core processor.

You can start with their dedicated hosting plan at $199 if you’re just looking for the basics. This is a single processor server that without all the bells and whistles you will have to set up on your own.

Uptime on Liquid Web is pretty standard at 99.98% with a few failures in the last six months that brought down their rating. Support for customers is friendly and available 24/7.

Liquid Web has various SMB and company-level plans for anything you want to do with your storage. As you add more storage and features, the price difference between Liquid Web can grow. You can start with a smaller server and use the customization options of Liquid Web to expand your hosting packages.

4. InMotion

Inmotion Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $99.99/month

Would you like to configure your storage server with 3 TB? InMotion then has a good server dedicated to you. InMotion offers only dedicated web servers based on Linux. The servers come with RAM 64 GB, which is impressive because the industry standard is 16 GB.

One drawback, however, would be the data transfer limitation. Most hosting providers offer unlimited transfers of data, but InMotion will set your monthly data limit at 15 TB. This is not typically a problem and may be unlimited as well.

InMotion has no uptime problems and has remained 99.99 percent over the past six months on average. Their customer support is a little lacking, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will not find technical support.

InMotion provides a good price for a dedicated server that provides all the space and RAM you want to build any Cloud engine. There is, however, a lack of options for customization and free features included with other servers. To set up your server through InMotion, you will have to pay extra.

5. DreamHost

Dreamhost Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $169/month

To love DreamHost, there are plenty of built-in security features. This provider is really concerned about the websites of its customers and offers protection for firewalls as well as SSL certificates. Their hosting options begin at $169/month and come with 1 TB of storage. The servers can also be configured with up to 16 G of RAM.

There are no Windows-based servers in DreamHost, which is a drawback. You can create most applications with a variety of different languages with Linux-based servers. You wouldn’t be able to build a website using Microsoft’s operating system.

In the past six months, with an average of 99.96 percent, Uptime has been relatively good for DreamHost, and their customer support is questionable. They have an extensive knowledge base, but when you have problems, it may be hard to get in touch.

DreamHost provides a decent amount of storage for the price, but without Windows-based servers and customer support issues, a company that offers excellent customer service for the price will be better off.

6. GoDaddy

Godaddy Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $79.99/month, discounts available

GoDaddy is the King of web hosting with discounts. Their dedicated web hosting server comes with a rock-solid uptime, so you’re never worried about going down your website. They have also recently added live chat technical support 24/7 so you can quickly solve problems.

GoDaddy is one of the best options if you want to start a business with a dedicated server. This is because you can build in either Linux or Windows, and plans start at a relatively low rate, but offer 32 GB of RAM, 2 TB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfer.

Although the largest amount of memory available is not the 32 GB of RAM. For instance, you can get up to 264 GB of RAM servers. GoDaddy, however, still has a superior product that is easy to set up and includes many security features. You can also add firewall protection and SSL certificates to some of the other features at a fairly low cost.

If you want a dedicated server, GoDaddy is a good website startup host. The cost is cheaper than others and provides more storage than other competitors for the base plan.

7. Hostwinds

Hostwinds Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $100/month

Hostwinds is a dedicated reseller and for being a cheap option with a lot of storage has received a ton of good reviews. With enterprise-level power and support, their dedicated hosting plans offer affordability. You can customize or prefabricate a dedicated server based on Linux or Windows. Both begin at $100/month.

Using Hostwinds, you can create a configurable server with up to 3 TB storage per drive bay with up to four drivers. These servers also come with RAM 128 GB and monthly unlimited data transfers. If you were able to spend more than $1,000/month on all you could do with these servers.

With Hostwinds, customer support has been extensively reviewed and they offer multiple ways to get in touch whether you need phone or live chat technical support. Uptime is also incredible over the past six months at an average of 99.99 percent.

If you want a dedicated web hosting server with a lot of storage and options, this is the best choice as far as power and uptime are concerned.

8. 1and1 Hosting

1and1 Dediated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $34.99/month

The price is unheard of for a dedicated server hosting The most cost-specific hosting starts at $100 or more. 1&1 offers three different hosting sections dedicated to Linux and Windows. These are dedicated servers for hosting, which is different from buying your own dedicated service.

The dedicated entry-level servers start at $69.99 with Ram 8 GB, storage 1000 GB, and unlimited data transfers. If you manage a small traffic website, this should satisfy your needs. If you’re looking for something with more storage, you can also check out the Performance package. These plans are beginning at $199/month.

Uptime through is not always reliable. Over the past six months, we found their uptime dropped to 99.01 percent. By buying some of their smaller “dedicated servers,” you may have more congestion, but you should check that you are buying your own server and not sharing space with other customers.

With, you pay more for very little. While offering some enticing “dedicated hosting ranges,” these ranges may not come with your own server, resulting in congestion and possible slowdown in the load time of your website.

9. SiteGround

Siteground Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $229/month

SiteGround hasn’t had the best reviews since recently, but we wanted to give you a variety of options and places to look around so you can see what features are there. SiteGround plans are designed for smaller companies and provide some built-in features for quick set-up.

The cost and value, however, do not match. SiteGrounds charges a lot for a dedicated server but, like other hosts, does not have the storage. They have a great 99.99 percent uptime test, but so do many other providers of hosting that sell dedicated hosting.

One thing you’re going to get with each server is a free SSL certificate. You can use the website to pick RAM, RAID, CPU, and other storage settings. For a high-end enterprise server, the pans go up to $429. Configurations start with disk space up to 2 TB, RAM 16 GB and monthly data transfer 5 TB. Compared to unlimited plans or standard 15 TB monthly data transfers on other hosting provider plans, this is relatively low.

For what you get, SiteGrounds is quite expensive. While security features are included in the price, for a small business, the entry level point is quite high.

10. Arvixe Web Hosting

Arvixe Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $131/month

The dedicated web hosting server of Arvixe start at $131/month, but only for traditional servers based on hard drive. Arvixe also offers cloud server options starting at $108/month. In Linux or Windows, you can configure your server and each plan has several storage options.

Dedicated servers from Arvixe come with 8 GB of RAM, 300 GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. If you want to build a larger e-commerce website, this base storage isn’t a lot to work with, but it may be fine for a smaller company.

These offers are all right, but what makes it a little better is the uptime. Arvixe has remained on par with the other top web hosting companies at 99.99 percent over the past six months. However, if you want to customize or fix any problems with your server, the storage options and lack of customer service support options on your website make it a bummer.

Arvixe is a good option for smaller websites, but it does not match the price and value offered by other competitors at a lower price.

11. Media Temple

Media Temple Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $2,000/month, all options included

Media Temple only offers dedicated server hosting at the enterprise level. This means you’re a master of Linux and you can set up your own server. But you get all the storage you might ever want including 10 TB of monthly bandwidth, 128 GB buffered DDR3 RAM, dual-socket, Intel Xeon multi-core processors, and 1 TB of all SSD storage.

Media Template has also managed dedicated servers with a user-friendly control panel and dashboard, performance monitoring tools, daily backups, OS, application updates, security and malware scanning, and automated malware removal.

You can buy one of the masterful units from Media Temple if you want to spend the big dollars on a dedicated server that will last forever. This is not for small businesses, but for companies or game servers that need a ton of traffic to be supported.

12. SingleHop

SingleHop Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Starting from $229/month

SingleHop has a great dedicated web hosting server entry-level plan that includes 8 GB of RAM, 10 TB of Bandwith, and 2 240 GB of SD drives if you want a budget dedicated host with a few more options thrown in.

Want more in your plan for the server? They also provide up to $349/month single processor, single thread, and custom enterprise options. Uptime for SingleHop is extremely performance-driven at 99.99 percent, and with lots of options they have a great support staff.

SingleHop’s great thing is that they deliver custom on-demand server deployment. They guarantee online, secure, and ready-to-use servers within 60 minutes. They have also developed an award-winning LEAP infrastructure that allows you to add and remove applications or customization options with a button click.

SingleHop’s servers offer a number of storage customization options at a relatively reasonable price, but you can find more storage at the enterprise hosting providers rather than through a smaller enterprise like SingleHop.

13. Rackspace

Rackspace Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Plan: Customized quotes only

When it comes to hosting, Rackspace is considered the top. This is because their sites never go down and they allow you to draw up a custom quote for your needs in space. But if you’re a smaller outfit, it’s likely that Rackspace will be a little too much. This is the right way to go if you are a larger business or want a server that can be partitioned into multiple purposes.

Rackspace dedicated web hosting server offer custom security options, architecture design, help with migration, cloud environments, and guarantees of response time. You can select 480 GB to 800 GB SSD storage and get up to 3 TB RAM.

In our experience, if you need a bigger website or gaming server, Rackspace offers a truly superior server. You will receive tons of options for storage and guaranteed uptime. Their customer support is always available and located in the United States, so you can always talk to someone about any issues and usually get them fixed within a few hours.