Top 10 Fastest 50 (Fifty) Or Half-Century Record In Cricket

Gone are the days when cricket used to be a slow sport, where players used to pay a great deal of attention to playing grammar. Here we bring the top 10 fastest 50 record by the players in ODI. Now is the time for 20-over matches, raining boundaries, and sixers. It’s the One Day International matches that still capture all cricket lovers ‘ fancy, offering both worlds the best. Those day-long matches still have the game’s techniques intact, but in those matches, there are incredible centuries and half centuries. Look at the top 10 fastest 50 or half-century in One Day International Cricket.

Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Fastest Fifty or Half-Century In ODIs ‘ previous World Record holder was Sanath Jayasuriya, responsible for introducing hitting power within fifteenth overs. Jayasuriya scored his Fastest Fifty playing only 17 balls, in Singapore he came up against Pakistan. Now, the Fastest Fifty (16 balls) and the Fastest 100 (31 balls) were smashed by AB de Villiers.

As of January 2019, this list will be updated according to the stats and we have also updated the table below with the same reference. If you have different stats to let us know, please contact us at the end of this article in the comment section. But let’s start the countdown of half centuries of the fastest ODI.

10. Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

New Zealand’s former star player, Brendon McCullum, takes 10th place on ODI’s fastest-fifty player list, scoring his half-century in 18 balls again. He scored it in a game against England, played at Wellington on February 20, 2015. In this match, the right wicket keeper managed to accumulate a total of 77 runs, including some amazing shots, like.

9. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Top 10 Fastest Record

The player to hit 18 balls in half a century, just before McCullum, was Shahid Afridi, Pakistan’s right-hand batting all-rounder, who played in a match between Pakistan and Bangladesh on 4 March 2014 in Mirpur. In that match, he scored a total of 59, hitting 7 sixes and a total of 2 fours. In One Day International, 117.00, Afridi’s strike rate reflects his crazy batting style that has always been a vision. He’s one of the most six batsmen in ODI cricket, surprisingly.

8. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Glenn Maxwell from Australia takes the eighth spot on the ODI list of players with the fastest fifty, having scored the number when facing 18 balls. It was playing in a match against India on 2nd November 2013 in Bangalore. Maxwell managed to collect a total of only 60 runs during this match, although it was a spectacle. He hit seven sixes and three fours, which brought him to a fast half-century. Maxwell has been able to acquire a remarkable strike rate of 123.93 during his career in One Day International cricket.

7. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Once again, Shahid Afridi, the former all-rounder of Pakistan, scored another half-century in 18 balls. This time, in a match, played at Colombo on September 21, 2017, it was scored against the Netherlands. Afridi’s total score in this match was only 55, including 6 sixes and 4 boundaries, leading to his half-century super-fast. It’s no surprise that Afridi appears more “Boom Boom”.

6. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Once again on One Day International’s fastest 50 list is one of Shahid Afridi’s greatest all-rounders, with another half-century scored again in 18 balls. In an ODI match on October 4, 1996, between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, played in Nairobi, the former Pakistani player scored his first half-century in 18 balls. Afridi scored a total of 102 in that game, and his runs included 11 sixes and 6 fours. It was quite a spectacle again!

5. Simon O’Donnell

Simon O’Donnell Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Simon O’Donnell, the former Australian who represented his team as a right-handed batsman, is in fifth place on the list of players with the fastest fifty in One Day International cricket. In a match against Sri Lanka, the player scored the fastest fifty of his career in 18 balls. The game was Sharjah, played on May 2, 1990, and a total of 74 runs scored by O’Donnell in the game. Includes his score.

4. Martin Guptill

Martin Guptill Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

The next player to score 50 in 17 balls on December 28, 2015 is New Zealand’s Martin Guptill. This right opening batsman made the fastest fifty of his career in a match at Christchurch against Sri Lanka, which eventually turned out to be one of ODI’s fastest half-centuries. He went on to closely miss the century, scoring in the match 93 runs. It had eight sixes and nine fours.

3. Kusal Perera

Kusal Perera Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

At 5 ft 6 in, Kusal Perera from Sri Lanka is really a big thing is a small package, with one of the fastest half-centuries recorded in ODI cricket. On July 15, 2015, at Pallekele, he faced only 17 balls to make his 50 in a match against Pakistan. After Jayasuriya, who is an inspiration to Perera, he went on to score 63 in the match and became the second player to score 50 in 17 balls.

2. Sanath Jayasuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Next on this list is the former left-handed Sri Lankan cricketer batting all-rounder, Sanath Jayasuriya, who set the record in One Day International cricket for the second fastest half-century, scoring it in just 17 balls in a match against Pakistan on 7 April 1996. The match took place in Singapore, scored a total of 76 runs. He had 5 sixes and 8 boundaries in his score, top 10 fastest 50 record. Jayasuriya has an average 91.20 strike rate in One Day International cricket. His two-decade career is one of cricket’s most prominent and placed his name among the most numerous ODI centuries-old batsmen.

1. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers Top 10 Fastest 50 Record

Leading the list of players with the fastest fifty in ODI cricket is AB de Villiers from South Africa. The wicketkeeper and right-handed batsman set the record for the fastest ODI fifty by scoring it in just 16 balls. The record feat came in a match against West Indies on 18th January 2015. This match at Johannesburg, and Villiers scored a total of 149 runs in that match. His dazzling performance includes 16 sixes and 9 fours. His average strike rate in One Day International cricket is 101.07. He is consider as one of the greatest batsmen of recent times.

These incredible players created some of the fastest and most spectacular fifties in One Day International Cricket’s history, top 10 fastest 50 record. Not only have they brought their teams closer to their goal faster, but they also left the audience with memories of matches they’re never going to forget.