Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure (Orthostatic Hypotension) & Its Causes

When a person stands up from lying or sitting position and feel light-headed, it is the symptoms of low blood pressure (Orthostatic hypotension). The person may also faint. This low blood pressure is also called postural hypotension. Low Blood Pressure (Orthostatic hypotension) causes by many different conditions. And also most of the people take the symptoms of low blood pressure (Low BP) lightly. However, it is not a simple problem, orthostatic hypotension or low blood pressure can turn as a dangerous outcome.

Causes of Orthostatic Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

Low Blood Pressure


Due to excessive sweating, you may be dehydrated. Severe Diarrhea is also responsible for dehydration. Furthermore, fever, vomiting and not drinking enough water or fluids trigger dehydration in your body significantly. After all, you know very well that your body needs enough fluids to function properly. Such dehydration can cause the symptom of low blood pressure (Low BP). In fact, you may feel dizziness, fatigue as well as weakness.

Heart-related Problems

You know what? Bradycardia (extreme low heart rate), heart attack, problems of the valve in heart, and heart failure also trigger Orthostatic Hypotension. These symptoms of low blood pressure (Low BP) occur, which in fact indicates that your heart is not getting enough blood, and especially it happens when you stand up from the sitting or sleeping position.

Severe Allergic Reaction

Sometimes, an infection can enter your body and get mix with your bloodstream, which, in fact, is a very dangerous case since it can lead to a life-threatening drop in blood pressure. In medical term, it is termed as Septic Shock.

Blood Loss And Nervous System Disorder

You may suffer from internal bleeding from any type of injuries. Thus, such blood loss triggers low blood pressure. In addition, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body dementia, pure autonomic failure, multiple system atrophy are the diseases, which have one of the main aims to drop down blood flow, meaning that these diseases are the sole cause of low blood pressure.

Endocrine Problems

Addison’s disease and as well as Parathyroid disease are also the probable reasons that you are suffering from low blood pressure (Low BP). Even Addison diseases affect the immune system to be active. Diabetes doesn’t mean only that your glucose level will increase. It is also the case that your glucose level might drop down than a normal level. Hypoglycemia, it is called when your glucose level goes down than a normal level. Diabetes in fact also triggers Orthostatic Hypotension. For more information on Debates, you can read our recent article on Early Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 And 2 & Its Effect.

During Pregnancy

Sometimes during pregnancy, blood pressure goes down since the circulatory system multiplies promptly. But this is a very normal case for which you should not be worried. Your blood pressure will return as a normal level after the child is born.


Some medicines also cause low blood pressure. Water Pills like furosemide, Alpha blockers, like prazosin, Beta blockers, like atenolol, pills for Parkinson’s disease, like pramipexole containing levodopa, antidepressants like Silenor, and also Revatio, Viagra for erectile dysfunction are responsible for low blood pressure.

5 Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure – The Low BP (Orthostatic Hypotension)

Low blood pressure (Low BP) also is the indication that there probably are some other underlying problems related to health hazards since your blood pressure goes down all on a sudden. The followings are the major symptoms of low blood pressure:

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure – 1

Dizziness or Lightheaded is the symptoms of Low BP, which in fact, is the foremost sign that you should never overlook.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure – 2

Blurred Vision is also a major symptom of the low blood pressure along with the indication of other diseases if your blood pressure is fine.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure – 3

Fainting, which is termed as Syncope, is also a sign which indicates that your blood flow in the body has been dropped down.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure – 4

Fatigue can be the symptoms of low blood pressure, which also indicates that there is the possibility of the uncontrolled level of glucose or cholesterol.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure – 5

Concentration level drops down is also a major sign which not only indicates that your blood pressure drops down, it also indicates that probably there is uncontrolled glucose.

When To See A Doctor

  • You know what? Sudden drop of blood pressure is, in fact, a life-threatening situation. Especially, if you find that the older people in your family shows the symptoms of confusion, do see a doctor immediately. The symptom of confusion is also the indication of brain stroke.
  • Is anyone with low blood pressure looking like pale skin and the body seems to be cold? Don’t make delay to see a doctor.
  • If you check the affected patient’s pulse and you find that the pulse whether is very rapid or very weak, don’t make any delay. See a doctor soon.
  • Do take medical emergency if you have an indication of the shock.
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness probably are minor problems, but it is wiser to see a doctor since these symptoms may also indicate some other underlying health hazard.
  • If you suffer from now and then low blood pressure, measure your BP regularly and keep a record to discuss with your doctor.

It is obvious that we must follow a healthy lifestyle to lead a very happy life. Like high blood pressure (Hypertension), low blood pressure (Orthostatic Hypotension) is also life-threatening in some cases we have just discussed. We also believe that this article will help you to understand the symptoms of low blood pressure and the reasons why we encounter this situation, as well as when you should see a doctor. In fact, we will feel gratitude from our sole responsibility if this article will bring benefits to your life.