Symptoms Of Heart Attack Of Man And Woman & Risk Factors

Symptoms of Heart Attack of woman and man, we all should know before it is too late. Actually, if you know the symptoms or an early sign of heart attack, you may get time to resist the heart attack. Obviously, if you take the immediate step when there are signs or symptoms of heart attack, you may save a life.

Annual heart diseases took away 605,000 lives in the US in the year 2005-2014. Actually, every year the people around the world lost their near and dear one due to a heart attack. Heart attack, in fact, is uninvited guest, which will visit your apartment without any notice or appointment and will take your nearer one to the graveyard.

Without further any delay, let’s investigate the symptoms of heart attack of woman and man. Actually, the symptom of a heart attack varies from man to woman.

Symptoms of Heart Attack Of Woman And Man

Symptoms Of Heart Attack

Chest Pain

Are you feeling extreme pain in your chest? Is the pain with a feeling of pressure or tightness? It’s indeed number one symptom of a heart attack! However, a woman can encounter without any chest pain or chest discomfort symptom. Chest pain, though is the number one symptom of heart attack, man suffers such case most of the time than a woman. Actually, in most cases, the female does not suffer from the chest pain at the time of heart attack.

Stomach Ache

Especially, in most of female heart attack cases, the female starts suffering from stomach pain. The case of stomach pain before a heart attack is found less in man than a woman. In addition, other digestive issues may also cause a heart attack.  Vomiting, nausea, and indigestions, furthermore, increases the chance of heart attack for both man and woman.


The risk of heart attack increases among woman after menopause since the estrogen levels start to decline after menopause. So, when a woman after her menopause feels pain in the arms, back, jaw, neck or stomach with a rapid or irregular heartbeat, with mild or severe chest pain, it is indeed the symptom of a heart attack.

Jaw Pain, Toothache & Headache

If you are facing jaw pain, even with toothache and headache, which follows by the arm pain, it is the symptom of heart attack also. Toothache develops, most of the cases in man than woman before the heart attack.

Shortness Of Breath

A man can suffer in short in breath along with chest pain during a heart attack, whereas, a woman suffers shortness of breath without chest pain during a heart attack.

Dizziness And Lightheadedness

You have no chest pain. But are you feeling dizziness and lightheadedness? If you are a female, it is also a symptom of a heart attack. You may faint also. Without chess pain, such as dizziness and lightheaded before a heart attack is very rare for the man. Man’s heart attack symptom involving chest pain and dizziness, and lightheadedness feels, whereas, a woman’s heart attack symptom involves the sign of dizziness and lightheadedness without the sign of chest pain. Dizziness and lightheadedness also do indicate of Low BP.


Snoring is very common among us during sleep. But if a man snores like choking and gasping loudly, it in some cases indicates that the heart of the man is probably under some difficulties, which soon may cause a heart attack. On the other hand, if the woman is facing difficulties in getting sleep even without any stress, and wake up frequently during sleep at night, it is a symptom of a heart attack for the woman. This is, in fact, a week before the symptom of a coming heart attack, which has been found in a case study of 2003.

Sweating Excessively

Even without any physical exercise or hot weather exposer, if a woman is sweating excessively without chess pain, it is the symptom of a heart attack. Sweating may also develop with jaw and neck or arms pain among woman. The man sweats excessively with chest pain symptom during a heart attack.

Upper Back Pain

In most of the cases, during chest pain, a man may discover upper back pain during a heart attack, even with arms pain. The woman may also experience upper back pain along with stomach ache during a heart attack.

Risk Factors Of Heart Attack

Risk Factors Of Heart Attack

We have already discussed the symptoms of heart attack of woman and man. But there are some risk factors, which increase the chance of heart attack. In fact, some of these risk factors can be terminated by us if we are clever enough, for which, we must ensure a better health condition and change our of lifestyle. The lifestyle, which we must choose, should be healthy without any bad habit like smoking, as an example.


Both male and woman aged fifty-five and above are likely to face a heart attack more than the less aged people.

Family History

Both man and woman may face a heart attack if there is a family heart attack history of their ancestor.

Health Condition

If both man and woman are hypertension and diabetic patient, the chances of heart attack increase tremendously.


Smoking for both man and woman increases the chance of heart attack and even the usage of drugs multiplies the chances of a heart attack. Stress level also increases the chance of heart attack.

Cholesterol And Obesity

The higher level of cholesterol for both man and woman increases the chance of heart attack. Obesity is also a great risk factor for a heart attack. That’s why everyone should maintain a balanced weight.

As you are now aware of the symptoms of heart attack for both woman and man, you can take an immediate step if you find any symptom. The immediate step is none other than taking medical emergency aid. Again, everyone should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone should control diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol level to limit the chance of a heart attack.