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Symptoms Of Asthma And Learn Home Remedies To Ease The Suffering

Symptoms Of Asthma And Learn Home Remedies To Ease The Suffering

To check back Asthma it’s wiser to know the symptoms of Asthma. Asthma is a very common disease in most of the houses. And in fact, such a disease can turn into a huge health hazard. The symptoms or the early signs of Asthma actually will help you to take a proper step, which in fact is very necessary to save a life.

The inflammation of bronchial tubes with the expanded generation of sticky emissions inside the tubes is the characterization of asthma. Thus individuals with asthma experience indications when the aviation routes fix, aggravate or load up with bodily fluid. Coughing, especially during the night, the shortness of breath, the wheezing, the chest tightness, and pain are the common signs of asthma. But the symptoms or signs of asthma vary from person to person.

When a person is suffering from asthma, you may experience an asthma attack. You know what? Sometimes an asthma attack may cause death. According to an American survey, eleven Americans die for asthma attack every day and this survey is indeed great alarming news for all of us.

Common Symptoms Or Signs Of Asthma

Number-1: Symptoms Of Asthma

Are you suffering from extreme coughing? Have you noticed that your extreme coughing increase at night especially at the time when you go to sleep? If your answer is yes, this signs that you are suffering from asthma.

Number-2: Symptoms Of Asthma

Have you noticed that you have breathing difficulties? Have you also noticed that your breathing becomes short? Yes, this also indicates that you are probably suffering from asthma. Breathing difficulties may also be found when you have a high cholesterol level. You should also know how to lower your cholesterol level.  

Number-3: Symptoms Of Asthma

Do you feel very tiring most of the time especially during exercising? This also indicates that perhaps asthma is hiding inside you which may attack very soon. This sign also indicates that probably you are suffering from diabetes or even low BP.

Number-4: Symptoms Of Asthma

Have you found that most of the time you suffer from cold and nasal congestion even with a headache? This symptom may be found in you with a headache. Again, you may also feel sneezing most of the time. These are the most common signs of Asthma.

Number-5: Symptoms Of Asthma

Have you noticed recently that your mood shift very fast and you become upset easily? You know what? This is the symptom of Asthma. Asthma developed in the body affected the lung tubes, which has a great effect on our moods.

What Happens During Asthma Attack?

When Asthma Attacks you will find that you are suffering from severe wheezing while breathing. In fact, the breathing becomes very rapid. You may also experience chest pain. Chest pain is also a symptom of a heart attack. In addition, you may experience with tightening neck muscles, even with tightening chest muscles. Your face will become pale. You will also feel panic or even anxiety will grab you. The fingernails turn into blue and also you will experience with blue lips.

Home Remedies Of Asthma To Lower The Suffering

Drink Coffee

Caffeine helps to breathe easily. That is the reason you may have coffee to treat asthma at home. You can also have black tea if you do not like coffee. But be sure that you are not taking more than three cups of coffee per day.


You know what? Ginger is, in fact, a superfood which promises you to provide the best to keep healthy and fit. You can mix a small proportion of ginger with honey and also with pomegranate. Have the mixture two to thrice a day for the best result if you are suffering from asthma.

Omega 3

Omega 3 not only helps to lower blood cholesterol, but it also helps to fight against asthma. That is why we all should intake Omega 3 in our daily diets to ensure a better healthy life.

A Great Breathing Technique

Inhale air slowing with your nose and then exhale the breath through pursed lips or exhale slowly like the way people whistle. This technique helps you to increase your breathing capacity during an asthma attack. Obviously, you are aware that during the asthma attack, the breathing air is trapped in the lungs. So, this technique of breathing will help you during the attack.

Mustard Oil

The massage with mustard oil with little addition of salt over the chest may help you to get relive from the breathing difficulties when you are suffering from an asthma attack. Apply this technique twice a day, especially at night to get a better result. Continue this technique unless you are fully recovered.

Asthma is a disease that cannot be terminated by home remedies alone. You must consult a doctor and follow the instructions by the doctor. You must take medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Home remedies will just ease the suffering but not the disease. Again, when you find that you are attacked by asthma and your face becomes pale with blue lips and fingertips, do not delay any moment. Immediately seek for medical emergency aid.