10 Best Most Popular Premium Wordpress Themes

If you’re searching for the best money you can buy from a WordPress theme. Then this list of the most popular premium WordPress themes will help you find what you’re looking for.

You’ll find the most popular premium themes that come with demos for any kind of project in this set. You’ll also find themes that feature bespoke or third-party page builder software that make it surprisingly easy to develop custom designs.

A variety of enhancements that can upgrade the WordPress website from a regular blog to a strong publishing platform are among the most common premium Wordpess themes.

Many of the themes in this series have outstanding e-commerce capability or only list a few vintage items on your website.

All of the WordPress themes that have made it into this series include high-quality designs, excellent tutorial collections, and pre-built layouts and models. And plenty of customization settings and choices, and truly useful functionality that can make your website more successful.

These are the most popular WordPress premium themes, you will be well on the way to creating a great website.

Popular Premium WordPress Themes


Divi Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

Divi is the Elegant Themes team’s flagship WordPress premium themes that will help you build a popular WordPress website. It’s a great value choice as it comes with the Extra theme as well as a few handy plugins for $89.

The integrated Divi Creator is one of the popular features of this famous premium WordPress themes. This drag-and-drop tool makes it possible to build and develop custom templates. You can make custom page templates that consist of several rows and columns via the Divi Builder user interface. Through a variety of modules, the layouts will then be full.

The Divi Builder modules that can drop into your custom templates provide simple options. Such as a variety of text and picture templates, icons, galleries, and block quotes. However, you can also add more specialized functionality to your website with the Divi Creator modules. These premium themes are popular with features including slideshows, price charts, testimonials, email opt-in forms, animate counters, and many more within wordpress.

However, that isn’t what Divi has to offer. A recent upgrade saw the inclusion of a split-testing feature to the style. Divi Leads enables you to conduct split tests to refine the website’s multiple components. And helping to guarantee that the platform delivers the best possible results. Divi WordPress premium themes are now becoming more flexible and popular. Hence, making it a perfect choice for web designers who want to be able to export their settings into a new project easily and import them.

Download Divi Theme / Demo


Newspaper Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

Newspaper is one of the popular themes of WordPress news and magazine type trends that are bestselling premium themes. The newspaper-style has a pre-built design to complement, regardless of what content you will post on your website, from serious articles and stories, through to recipes, fashion, entertainment, or travelogues.

In reality, there is a huge possibility that your news or magazine website will have a look and feel that is well suitable. If you have picked a demo from the available choices, you can then tweak the template to ensure it suits your vision by using the extensive modification settings.

The Newspaper theme also comes with a brand-new drag-and-drop page creator designed to help you configure the web. The tagDiv Composer is the primary design for websites for journalism, journals, and publishing, and comes with over 100 elements to ensure that each article looks right.

There are also numerous pre-built sample templates for posts and pages in this best-selling premium popular WordPress themes, all gathered into the tagDiv Cloud Library.

Download Newspaper Theme / Demo


Kalium Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

Kalium has lots of easy-to-customise popular premium WordPress demo themes website content.

For professionals, it is a creative theme, and this highlights the library of website demos. Options for agencies, photographers, architects, lawyers, bloggers, freelancers, and many other kinds of service providers are among the demos. As is sometimes the case with other themes, the demos include all the content a typical website will need and not just the homepage template.

Kalium is now more versatile than before, due to a new upgrade. Although you could easily modify the post and page content of your website in the past, you can now use Kalium ‘s integrated features. Because of this, what information is shown there and its views can be managed.

The editing of the header work takes place with a modern drag-and-drop interface, whether or not you are familiar with this form of operation.

To boost load times, the latest update version of Kalium has also been optimized. For multipurpose themes like this, one possible concern is that they will load slowly often. The creators of Kalium have reduced the size of the website files to solve this.

Kalium is a style to add to your shortlist, if you want your technical website to have a innovative look.

Download Kalium Theme / Demo


Uncode Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

Since its initial release, Uncode has made its way up the charts to become among the most popular WordPress premium themes available.
Uncode has an array of features to make it become one of the top-selling innovative, popular, and multi-purpose premium themes for WordPress. It was first launched in 2015, has been consistently revised and optimized to remain a solid and stable ThemeForest marketplace seller.

This WordPress premium theme now provides users with version 1.8 a large library of exclusive ideas on their own creations. Uncode makes it easy to import your option of demo into your popular website dashboard, like many of the other best-selling premium WordPress themes in this series. Only make your pick, push a few buttons, and your website will be able to approve your content.

This theme includes the ever-popular WPBakery Page Creator module, formerly known as Visual Composer, to help you apply your own style to the Uncode demos, which allows you the opportunity to modify the demo wordpress themes through a visual editor.

There are strong premium WordPress themes options panel as well as the popular page builder. And it allows you much more artistic influence over the appearance of your website, from e-commerce shop to simple blog, whatever sort of website you are working on.

The strong Slider Revolution and LayerSlider slideshow maker plugins provide other premium software in the Uncode kit.

To maintain full consistency with any tools you choose to introduce to the site. Uncode also integrates with all the best third-party plugins. For someone who wishes to view content from their feeds on their WordPress website, the social media integration functionality can be useful too.

You can really build any sort of WordPress website with the Uncode theme with prototypes covering agency, portfolio, forum, e-commerce, and corporate ventures. For a popular business, this can be one of the latest premium wordpress themes

Download Uncode Theme / Demo


TheGem Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

TheGem is a recent addition to the most premium popular WordPress themes from this series. This multi-purpose theme can help you create virtually every form of website with WordPress.

Spanning various categories and design types, each of the website demonstrations of TheGem is a very high level. In fact, it is safe to assume that each of these demonstrations should be sold individually on an individual basis. Anyone who prefers TheGem gets access to a very impressive library of website samples, though, as it is.

Thankfully, TheGem makes it very convenient to import this content while setting up your website. After doing so, you can then select from over 400 popular innovative premium themes for the WordPress homepage. It is not a challenge to customize the website either and the choices on offer help explain why TheGem is one of the most popular premium themes of WordPress available today.

The developers of TheGem have not ignored the other critical elements of creating a winning style. Despite a heavy emphasis on architecture and pre-built content. Your website will load easily, be ready for the search engines, and, of course, be incredibly smartphone-friendly if you chose TheGem for your project.

TheGem has to work entirely with the leading third-party plugins, such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, and more.

The demos of TheGem should be able to help you launch your project in style, regardless of what kind of website you build.

Download TheGem Theme / Demo


Pofo Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

This package of popular premium themes of WordPress has an incredible collection of website demonstrations that have seen it become a popular premium themes for WordPress.

Therefore, it has something much more scalable, despite listed as a creative portfolio and blog style. Pofo is ideal for a variety of projects, due to a diverse collection of website demos. This premium theme is certainly worth a closer look. It gives you need a trendy and innovative website, and you have some visual content you would like to showcase.

All of this theme contains a strong collection of portfolio models since this style is perfect for building portfolio websites. Because of this, you can conveniently view your work in a variety of different ways using the portfolio models. Whether you choose one of the agency demos, the studio alternative, the corporate homepage, or the freelancer demo.

Only to make your website popular with some more choices for you. These popular wordpress themes also fit with a demo arriving soon and under maintenance that can be added to the site.

The fact that all of the demos and layouts can be modified by the integrated WPBakery Page Builder plugin is another explanation of why you would want to choose this theme for your website. Thanks to this, with the modern drag-and-drop GUI of this tool, you can open all of them up for editing.

But you should have no problem customizing them if there’s anything that’s not quite right with any of the templates. You may also use the page creator to add any additional pages you may like to your website. Regardless of whether or not you have any experience in professional web design.

With WordPress, WordPress theme Pofo should have everything you need to build almost every style of website.

Download Pofo Theme / Demo


Exponent Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

Exponent is a common theme that focuses on building WordPress business websites.

There are undoubtedly plenty of choices for your new site with the demonstrations that make up the package. Designs for building agency blogs, software landing pages, websites for IT programs, and e-commerce shops are among the demonstrations. Any strong choices in the Exponent demo library can be for bloggers and others too.

Although importing one of the pre-built demos is the fastest way to build a website with this style. You’re welcome to only using Exponent in this way. If you want a little more time designing your site, you can mix the page layouts from the demos.

You can also edit all the pre-built content to ensure it’s right for your project. Exponent comes with a powerful page builder tool built into its core. A correct example among the WordPress popular themes demos for a premium piece of content for your popular blog. Then, you can also use the page creator to develop your own custom designs.

As the demos in the Exponent kit cover a wide range of projects on the website. If you select this style, you also get access to several features. For instance, these WordPress premium themes view demo for conferences and activities, regardless of which you will use the ticket booking and registration demo on the popular website. The same refers to the e-commerce features of the WordPress themes demos. And also of the online store that enables popular items from any site built with Exponent to be available.

With so many templates and customization choices, this common theme should allow you to build any website smoothly.

Download Exponent Theme / Demo


Kallyas Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

To make it one of the most flexible themes available, Kallyas has an amazing number of website demos.

It’s easy to see why Kallyas has become such a popular sort of WordPress premium themes, with over 70 website demos. Kallyas has strong growing progress many times over the years, seeing its library of website demos expand to a number. And that rivals several of the other alternatives in this list of popular and best-selling premium WordPress themes.

With Kallyas, though, it’s not just about the amount of demos that you get access to. It’s also about the consistency of the themes and designs that make up the theme package of Kallyas.

You’ll get a good idea of the variety of design trends and categories of projects here by Kallyas if you browse the list of sample websites.

Through the years, Kallyas has gone from strength to remain one of the premium WordPress’ most popular themes to this day.

Download Kalyas Theme / Demo


Oshine Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

Oshine aspires to provide you with everything you need to develop WordPress about every style of website.

There shouldn’t be a popular platform that you can’t build using Oshine, thanks to more than 50 pre-built premium website demo themes.

To help you easily browse the demos, the choices have sections into a few different categories. The theme pack includes online portfolios, client pages, company portals, and e-commerce shops, to name only a few.

Many variants of the same form of the website also exist. If you want to create a website for photography, Oshine offers you more than one demonstration to choose from. Creating a custom website with Oshine is not an issue, thanks to the optimized page builder app.

Oshine has its own in-house graphic editor that guarantees full consistency with the demos that make up this theme, while certain themes have a third-party page builder app.

If you have used the tool before, this should not be a challenge with Oshine, as its visual editor is very simple to use, and it is the best premium wordpress themes for popular blogs, although going for a theme with a common third-party page builder plugin might provide some familiarity.

There are also plenty of helpful individual popular premium templates that can be regardless of the demo WordPress themes. You select, in addition to all of the pre-built website demos. Any examples of this are the portfolio templates library and a wide number of formats for blog posts.

Download Oshine Theme / Demo

10Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro Is One Of The Popular WordPress Theme

For the common Genesis system, Foodie Pro has been developed. You’ll get six premium wordpress themes choices to pick from if you choose Foodie Pro for your website. Also, with plenty of customization and a widgetized popular homepage theme to help you determine which elements your guests will be met with when they arrive at your site.

Its sleek approach to theme design might be a nice alternative if you are designing a food-related website. And do not want to be overloaded by decisions and choices.

Download Foodie Pro Theme / Demo