Top 10 Payment Gateway Provider Across The World

You know the value of having a strong user interface and functionality on your website or app as an e-commerce business owner, so if the payment experience is not strong, then?. Further, customers inevitably avoid trusting us and the sales and interaction of customers will decline too. In the consumer buying experience, the payment gateway provider also plays an important role, and the successful payment gateway should be smooth, quick, stable, and trustworthy.

As a result, the best payment portal guarantees the customer’s protection and anonymity, leaving the e-commerce platform or app with a positive perception and trustworthiness. Further, a functional payment gateway could allow retailers to securely accept various processing facilities on the website as well as a smartphone app (debit cards, credit cards, wallets, etc).

Payment Gateway Provider Across The World

What Is A Payment Gateway?

The payment gateway in an e-commerce store should be set up correctly, if it is not properly functional, because of payment gateway problems, your company could suffer from cart abandonment, which leads to consumer and sales loss. In fact, the key to the long-term success of your online e-commerce store is to maintain a functional payment gateway provider portal set up with various types of payment options (debit, credit cards, wallets, etc.) with trustworthy security certificates and symbols.

How Does A Payment Gateway Work?

The customer applies the items or services they wish to order to the cart and proceeds to the payment section.
The client is then asked to provide a credit card or debit card information. Such information includes the 16-digit card number, the name of the cardholder, the expiry date, and the CVV number, etc.

Moreover, the information is safely passed on to your payment gateway after request, depending on the integration type I e. Server-to-server, incorporation of a billing page, or client-side encryption.

Then, before submitting the card information to the purchasing bank, the payment gateway encrypts the card data and goes through a security scan. The purchasing bank safely sends the details to the card systems, i.e. Mastercard, Visa, Maestro card, etc.

Another tier of security monitoring is ensured by card systems and the payment information is then forwarded to the issuing bank. The issuing bank authorizes the transaction after conducting the protection and fraud review. The letter of acceptance or decline is sent back from the card schemes to the bank, then to the acquirer.

The acquiring bank then sends the message to the payment gateway provider for approval or decline, which then sends the message to the merchant. If the payment is successful, then the purchaser collects from the issuing bank the payment amount and holds the funds in the merchant account.

For instance, the retailer may either show the order or payment confirmation page depending on the message from the provider of payment gateway or ask the client to retry with other payment methods.

List Of Top 10 Payment Gateways


Paypal is an eCommerce payment network intended to assist individuals and enterprises without supplying financial information to send and receive payments both. It is one of the top-rated payment gateways that allow users to immediately send or receive payments worldwide with only an email address.
On every merchant website or app, it is very easy to purchase or sell using your mobile phones. Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, American Express, etc., which are commonly used payment cards.

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  • Compliant for PCI
  • Tracking inventory
  • Cart Shopping
  • Virtual Terminal Within
  • Reader for credit cards
  • Checkout Express
  • Editor for smart cards
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Invoicing Online
  • Later Bill me

2Braintree (A Paypal Service)

Secondly, a payment gateway portal that is part of the PayPal network is Braintree. It is implemented to promote the process of payment. This also provides business tools for building multinational companies, accepting payments, and encouraging its customers to exchange.

Again, it has resources and features that help companies worldwide scale up their businesses. Braintree works internationally in 40 cities. It serves 130 currencies and therefore enjoys the advantages of transfers that are easier and safer. Multiple cards support this ready-made, sleek UI too.

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  • UI Drop-In
  • Supports currencies of 130
  • Help 24 / 7
  • Customized workflow checkout
  • Payout for 2-day
  • Dynamic Panel of Controls
  • Value Braintree
  • Simple Migration of Data
  • Uptime Guaranteed
  • Advanced defense against misuse
  • Simple billing repetition
  • Encryption 


The global payment portal set up to help corporations quickly receive payments is BlueSnap. This portal also helps organizations to grow internationally and accept local and foreign consumer payments. This platform is extremely secure to minimize risks and builds on the fraud detection mechanism.
Bluesnap has a network of more than 30 + purchasing banks, which guarantees customer confidence, improves the rate of transfer, and increases sales.

It works in 180 countries and is automatically connected to the multinational acquisition of banks. As well as 110 different payment forms, 100 currencies, and 29 different languages are sponsored.

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  • Intelligent routing for payment
  • Payments to the Marketplace
  • The Subscriptions
  • Reporting for multi-currency
  • Solutions hosted
  • Fields Hosted
  • Conformance with 3-D Safe and PSD2
  • Payments incorporated
  • Invoice Payments
  • Payments cross-channel
  • 30 + foreign bank links acquisition
  • Checkout embedded
  • Simple Migration of Data
  • Payouts in Multi-currency
  • Web / mobile Safe Approval
  • API for Billing
  • Danger programs operated
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Tokenization for payment
  • Reports & analytics unified
  • Apps & SDKs for Smartphone also

4Amazon Pay

In the same way, Amazon Pay is a payment portal designed for retailers and purchasers of Amazon. It is an easy, fast, and safe payment solution that, as of now, supports people in 8 countries. Two separate packages come with Amazon payments: login and pay for customers, and pay for retailers with Amazon.
This payment portal is designed to provide both online retailers and other sellers with a personalized shopping experience.

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  • Payments automatically
  • Integration of Merchant Website
  • Checkout inline
  • Identity of consumer
  • Security from frauds


Stripe is a network for a cloud payment gateway provider that allows everywhere in the world to accept and handle online transactions. In the same way, it offers full online payment processing solutions and also provides excellent features such as a custom UI toolkit, embeddable checkout, consolidated reports, and many more.

Also, Stripe is a robust payment portal that guarantees a seamless period of funds in your organization when linking to the application interface that helps you to handle sales and avoid fraud with great protection.

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  • Mobile interface for consumers
  • Payouts in Multi-currency
  • Purified canvas
  • Notes for partnership
  • Choices for payment
  • Checkout Embeddable
  • Authorizations
  • Toolkit for Custom UI
  • Handling of Disagreements
  • Plugin Open-source
  • Reports consolidated
  • Integrations of Accounting
  • Payout unified
  • Reporting financially
  • Roles and Authorizations


Besides, 2Checkout is a common digital payment gateway provider, a portal that enables companies across the globe to accept online payments from customers.

And it has several features and regional payment options that make the payment process streamlined for both retailers and consumers.
The payment gateway is located in the United States that serves different payment systems and transactions worldwide. In fact, it is convenient and secure, with more than 50,000 retailers worldwide using the 2Checkout payment gateway.

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  • The norm for Level 1 PCI data protection
  • Multiple alternatives for payment
  • Billing recurring
  • Customized possibilities for checkout
  • Integration of 100 + carts and systems online
  • Build tailored schedules for subscriptions
  • Service-87 currencies 
  • Service-15 languages
  • Updater for Account


Similarly, Authorize.Net is a global payment portal with robust infrastructure and encryption to ensure that transactional data is transmitted smoothly, easily, and safely.

And like the card swiping system, it performs the routing of transactions, but in an online environment without software download.
Moreover, it has a worldwide retailer base of more than 370,000. Well, it further helps safely accept payments, offering a seamless experience, allowing scaling and other value-adding functionality to be scaled and numbered.

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  • Processing an e-check
  • Tax for retail
  • Virtual Terminal and Upload Batch
  • Payment for Mail / Phone
  • Billing recurring
  • Manager of client data
  • Sync with Quickbooks
  • Detection of specialized fraud Suite


In the same way, for organizations and individuals to accept and transfer money all over the world, Payza is a very simple, quick, and reliable payment gateway solution. For various clients, there are several account forms, such as personal accounts for personal use and corporate account for corporate with broader and more complex criteria.

In contrast, in 190 nations, the Payza payment gateway provider is open and supports 22 different currencies. Also, in several nations, it is one of the best payment gateway options currently and fills the disparity when it comes to sending and receiving payments internationally.

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  • Centralized leadership
  • Supports 22 currencies with the
  • Request for Funds
  • Functions in 190 nations
  • Local Options for Payment
  • Attach and Withdraw Funds
  • Safe purchases online
  • Buttons for Payment
  • Integration of the shopping cart


On the other hand, SecurionPay is a payment gateway provider that serves various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS by providing stable online and mobile payment solutions. And is one of the best sites for businesses that need online purchases and delivers paying subscriptions, offering a one-stop solution.

Also, it is a standalone payment gateway technology that allows the business environment to be easily and safely integrated, such as embedded payment formats, advanced checkout functionality that facilitates instant payment processing that helps to maximize the conversion rate.

Finally, it provides a scalable API such that your business ecosystem can be incorporated and managed from your side.

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  • Level 1 PCI and tokenization
  • Payments with One-Click
  • Custom form
  • Delayed capture sessions
  • Manager Subscription Schedule
  • Manager of Customers
  • Stable 3D Non-invasive
  • Trials and rebates
  • Minimize Ratio of Chargeback
  • Tools for Anti-fraud
  • Subscriptions Usage / Seat-based
  • Blacklisting
  • Logic Retry
  • Models for billing
  • For eCommerce, Quick-Buy
  • Payments to clients-OCT
  • Cross-Selling


Lastly, one of the well-known payment gateway provider known as Skrill. This provider of payment gateway knows modern payment specifications when it comes to receiving payments and exchanging funds. In the year 2001, Skrill began. Now, as their clients use their creative technologies in their businesses, Skrill has several top companies.

Besides many top firms, such as the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, the B2B EGP Award, and several others, acknowledge and award Skrill. Equally important, it is one of the popular payment gateway located in the UK and it supports over 30 different currencies, allowing consumers worldwide to buy goods and services too.

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  • Transactions by email
  • Fast Entry
  • Data for One Place
  • Register for Free
  • Supports a currency of 30
  • Transactions on credit cards