Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels & YouTubers 2019

These YouTube stars make staying away pretty hard. YouTube demonstrates from DIY’s to music videos that people can pay attention when they want to. Look at these top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels, they may be precisely what you need to get through your comprehensive New Year resolutions list.

Ever wonder what are the most subscribed Youtube channels? Number one is still PewDiePie as of October 2018—but it may not stay that way. Since December 2013, the channel of the Swedish gamer has been the most subscribed YouTube channel. But T-Series, an Indian music label, might quickly surpass PewDiePie.

YouTube has an amazing 1.5 billion users and among them there are lots of highest paid YouTubers. That implies that more than one-third of individuals visit the video platform every day on the internet, producing hundreds of millions of video views every hour.

List Of Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

The top bloggers and content creators of YouTube these days have an audience size that rivals that of traditional television, with top artists reaching more spectators every week than even the most famous cable programs. Some of them have made the jump to the large screen, featuring large movie photos, while others are still filming and commenting from their bedrooms. Here’s a rundown of the most subscribed channels of YouTube and the stars behind them.

EminemMusic (35.7m Subscribers)

EminemMusic Youtube Channels

As of this month, EminemMusic cashes with 35.7 million supporters. This may come as a surprise since some of us (mostly our parents) have forgotten entirely how Eminem took over 2010 with his album “Recovery.” This album dropped “Not Afraid,” “No Love,” “25 to Life,” and “Love the Way You Lie.” Eminem was in the limelight because of a rap published in September about his disagreement with the policies of President Trump. Eminem thinks that the NFL players who kneel for the National Anthem were uncalled for reprimand by President Trump, and he devoted this rap to Colin Kaepernick. Can he make a comeback? Beats me. Beats me. I understand that when “Not Afraid” goes on, I’m not the only one channeling their internal beast mode.

Ed Sheeran ( 36.8m Subscribers )

Most subscribed YouTube channels goes to Ed Sheeran, another artist. Sheeran has altered the game on its own when it comes to love songs, not needing much of an introduction. Nearly every wedding first dance was infiltrated by “Perfect” and triggered some significant waterworks along the manner. In March 2017, Sheeran’s big album “Divide” fell, yielding “Shape of You,” “Castle on the Hill,” and “Perfect.” “Perfect” reached number one in the United States, Australia, and the UK. In 2018, the best-selling album of 2017 was named “Divide.” With his music videos and latest releases, Sheeran’s YouTube channel is heavy, but he also utilizes his platform to advocate for the charity he’s working with Drop to Drop. With his music videos and love for assisting others, all 36.8 million followers are blessed… what more could you want?

DudePerfect (38.7m Subscribers)

With 38.7 million supporters DudePerfect stands for most subscribed YouTube channels. Five Texas A&M University university roommates went together to create the Dude Perfect Empire. DudePerfect’s people are Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Coby Cotton, Tyler Toney, and Cory Cotton. By posting videos of trying epic trick shots throughout the college, DudePerfect climbed their way up the fame ladder. Their testosterone and boyish charm brought their 38.7 million subscribers into the kingdom of DudePerfect. These kids are not the typical goofy boys on social media, because of their strong-held Christian convictions they stand out from their rivals. They were referred to as the “Anti-Jackass,” and were praised by Jimmy Kimmel, ABC News, and even Lebron James commented, “You guys are awesome.” Look at DudePerfect and you’re not going to look back.

WWE (39.2m Subscribers)

There are 39.2 million supporters in the WWE and WWE stand in the list of top Youtube Subscribed Channels. WWE is the primary source of the recent initial and exclusive WWE shows for all our wrestling fans. On YouTube, WWE also includes exclusive backstage displays, as the backstage displays famous fights and particular fighters. This page also includes all latest WWE activities, including the Royal Rumble, NXT Takeover, Monday Night Raw, Smackdown LIVE, etc. WWE on Youtube makes it simple for individuals like me to watch in admiration to catch up on the recent battles. Amazing costumes!

Justin Bieber (43.1m Subscribers)

Channel of Jutin Bieber’s has a follow-up of 43.1 million and slipped into January 2019’s top most subscribed YouTube channels. Justin Bieber uses his YouTube platform to post fresh releases, music videos, and footage behind the scenes of his concert tours, like many other performers. You can discover nearly 10-year-old videos of long-haired Bieb singing out his little heart in Bieber’s “Most Popular” segment. This chapter categorizes Bieber’s channel’s most viewed videos, specifically the videos with over 24.8 million views. The YouTube channel of Bieber may be a journey down the memory road but at least a fun one.

Konrad Cunha Dantas (46.1m Subscribers)

Konrad Cunha Dantas, known as Canal KondZilla, has infiltrated this month’s top YouTube accounts with 46.1 million subscribers. KondZilla is a producer and director of Brazilian music video, born in Guarajuá. Dantas studied cinematography, post-production, and photography, creating with the camera a powerful foundation for abilities. On Feb. 3, 2018, Kondzilla was appointed Brazil’s biggest YouTube account. For Brazilian hits, KondZilla produces music videos, and he doesn’t shy away from all-out. There’s always something going on in his videos, and for every second of the clip it’s going to catch your attention. If you’re a fan of Brazilian music or you want some good entertainment, your man is KondZilla.

SET India (46.2m Subscribers)

India’s Sony Entertainment Television has 40.8 million supporters. SET India is India’s No. 1 Hindi TV Channel, home to the top Indian TV Series featuring all the drama and thrill you might want and is on the top list of most subscribed YouTube Channels. “The Kapil Sharma Show,” “Super Dancer,” “Patiala Babes,” etc. are shows on SET India. This TV channel was the go-to portal for all India’s hottest TV. SET India’s YouTube channel consists of complete television series episodes, with most genres being comedies, romances, and dramas. Whether you’re a fan or new to the SET India game, it’s loved by almost 41 million YouTubers.

5-Minute Crafts (48.1m Subscribers)

Taking home the Bronze Medal, 5-Minute Crafts racks 48.1 million supporters and is on top of the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Scrolling through social media, you’re bound to run through a life hack or craft video, and if you say you’re not amazed, you’d be lying. 5-Minute Crafts offers DIY, phone hacks, decor hacks, food tricks and all the gadgets for life to 48.1 million supporters. 5-Minute Crafts gains an average of 104,000 subscribers a day and 710 million views a month. This channel serves as the home base for the legends of the DIY and captures the attention of the viewer for every second of the clip. Take a 5-Minute Crafts journey, and you may find something worthwhile to know.

PewDiePie (83.4m Subscribers)

PewDiePie takes home the gold with a whopping 83.4 million subscribers for most of the subscribed YouTube channel. YouTube’s king mastered, with style, the art of gaming commentary. Felix initially graduated from Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, with a degree in industrial economics and technology management. He recorded his account on YouTube during his college moment and fell out on YouTube to follow a lifetime career. PewdiePie has an incredibly big fan base that calls itself “Bro Army.” Does that have to be a bro thing, right? PewdiePie was named one of the “100 Most Influential People of the World” from Time in 2016. With his Italian YouTube personality fiancee, Marzia Bisognin, he presently lives in Brighton. His ability to cover Indie games has developed an “Oprah Effect” and the titles he covers have boosted revenues. Join the Bro Army and you’re not going to regret that.

T-Series (87.1m Subscribers)

T-Sies is India’s biggest music YouTube channel T-Series label and studio, with the aim of making the world a better place through music. T-Series is a three-decade music producer that includes multi-language music that includes India’s broad range. The hit clips of the T-Series include music video teasers and complete music productions not for the light-hearted and becomes the top YouTube channels subscriber. In the center of what you believe a James Bond movie feels like, the bright colors and comprehensive scenes attract your attention and position you smack dab. T-Series seeks to involve the audience through their senses and never fail to feel the energy of their 82 million supporters. T-Series features Indian multimedia’s hottest singers and manufacturers and provides you the bang for your buck. Take the T-Series trip and you’ll feel the magic for sure.