Let’s Slow Down Glaucoma- Types Of Glaucoma And Tips To Fight It

Are you suffering from glaucoma? Want to know how to slow down glaucoma? Then you are in the right place. If diagnosed early, the percentage of sight loss can be minimized. So, it is wiser to go for eye checkup regularly and if you are already suffering from glaucoma, you should follow some tips to slow down glaucoma.

Actually, glaucoma, an eye disease does not have any early symptoms. The symptoms you may experience after you are affected by glaucoma. It only can be diagnosed by regular eye checkup. You know what? Glaucoma can lead to a loss of central vision and blindness since the optic nerves are damaged due to such eye disease. In fact, aged people are the victims of glaucoma. Recent researches have been found that 5% glaucoma patent become blind whereas 10% patents loss partial vision around the globe.

Four Types OF Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be defined by four types:

  1. Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
  2. Angle Closure Glaucoma
  3. Normal Tension Glaucoma
  4. Secondary Glaucoma

Tips On How To Slow Down Glaucoma

Four Types OF Glaucoma

Exercise To Slow Down Glaucoma

It is, in fact, proved that regular exercise helps a perfect blood flow in the nerves, which is essential for good health. Interestingly, when the blood flow in your body is perfect, it will help you lessen the eye pressure.  That’s the reason you should not avoid regular exercise. But it is always wiser to consult your doctor about the forms of your regular exercise because some exercises bring double health benefits for your eyes health. Isn’t it wiser to select those exercises which bring benefits for your eyes?

Healthy Food Habit To Slow Down Glaucoma

You know what? Our body is like a car. When you are putting the best lubricants in, the car runs and functions smoothly. Similarly, if you have a habit of taking healthy food in your diets, you will be able to avoid much more diseases as well as you will be able to guard diseases from further development. Anti-oxidant and nutrients enriched food will always help you to slow down glaucoma, the eye disease. Fishes, which offers omega 3 food values and dark leafy green vegetables also help slow down glaucoma, the eye disease. You also know that omega 3 helps to lower the cholesterol level.

Less Consumption Of Soda, Tea, And Caffeine

You probably know that more consumption of soda, tea, and caffeine are responsible to increase eye pressure. So, if you want to slow down glaucoma you are suffering from, try to decrease the consumption of soda, tea, and caffeine to decrees the chance of eye pressure.

Drink Fluids But With A trick To Slow Down Glaucoma

You know what? When you are drinking fluids for a longer period in one sip, it increases the chance of eye pressure. Since eye pressure brings disastrous effect for glaucoma patients, as a patient, you should not take a longer time for one sip. Just take shorter sips. Yes, drink your fluids in short intervals. Never drink at once.

Say No To Smoking

Are you a smoker? Then, you have bad news. Nicotine is also responsible for the high chance of eye pressure. Smoking also increases the chances that you are going to suffer from diabetes. In fact, Diabetes is the best friend of glaucoma. Glaucoma, the eye disease can be turned into a devastating monster when you are a smoker and you have uncontrolled diabetes. So, you have still time to say no to smoking. Quit it now or it will be too late.

Protection Of Your Eyes

When you are suffering from glaucoma, you may feel itchy eyes. So, don’t rub your eyes. In fact, rubbing eyes may lead glaucoma spread violently to affect your eyes. That’s the reason, to slow down glaucoma, don’t rub your eyes. Just try to learn to resist the will to rub the eyes. Since eyes become more sensitive during glaucoma, wear glasses when you are going out to protect your eyes from DSS (dust, snow, and sand).

To Slow Down Glaucoma Some Yoga Positions To Be Avoided

Though Yoga is the most effective exercise to keep fit and healthy, some of the Yoga positions may lead to the easy spread of glaucoma. Legs up the wall, Plow, Downward facing dog, Standing forward bend though are the best techniques to keep our body fit and healthy, such positions increase the chances of eye pressure. So, avoid these positions of yoga to slow down glaucoma.

An Effective Posture To Sleep May Slow Down Glaucoma

When you are sleeping, it wiser to keep your head little up to decrease the chance of eye pressure. That is why you should use such a pillow which will keep your head a little up than your legs.

From our discussion, it is indeed clear now that we can follow some tips to slow down glaucoma, the most monstrous eye disease. So, you should never be lazy to maintain good blood pressure, controlled diabetes to avoid glaucoma spread fast, which will affect you mercilessly. Again cholesterol level should also be up to the mark for better blood flow in the veins. Last but not least, always follow your doctor’s advice and instruction besides taking medicine.