Interesting Facts About Vastu Shastra You Must Know

The traditional science of architecture taught in the Hindu culture is Vastu Shastra or Vastu. Vastu’s fundamental concept is to combine the architecture with the five natural elements, namely fire, water, air, heaven, and earth. Nowadays we prefer living in spacious multi-story buildings where any aspect of the directions can not be taken into consideration. Additionally, there are many alternatives that suit our needs. To attract positive energy in your living space you can always follow these interesting facts about Vastu Shastra.

Interesting Facts About Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra For Home

A home is where happiness starts! Designing your own personal space can be thrilling and daunting according to your tastes and preferences. Vastu describes a particular corner and path for each significant room in your home. For example, the house’s south-east corner is the best for the kitchen and the temple room’s north-eastern corner.

In addition, Vastu’s traditional science lets you decorate your living space in harmony with natural elements, adding positivity to your life. So, follow these interesting facts of Vastu Shastra and see a change within yourself.

Vastu Shastra For Entry Doorway

Let’s enter the house with energy and positivity flowing around! In Vastu Shastra, the house’s entrance and the doorway is of great importance as all the positivity enters your house from the doors. Follow these interesting facts of Vastu Shastra to bring joy and happiness to your home, and to your wellbeing!

  • According to Vastu Shastra, your doorway should face in the north direction, east direction, or north-east direction. That means you have to be facing north, east, or northeast when you walk out of your building. If you’re looking for a new house, then stop buying a house facing south or a west-facing home.
  • The house’s main door looks attractive and must be from strong, reliable wood. Also, make sure the length of the main door is bigger than the length of all other doors at home.
  • The main entrance is always to be well-lit.
  • If there is room outside your house or an empty wall, put an idol of Ganesha or a picture. Lord Ganesha is seen as preventing off the evil and giving away peace.
  • The main door is not to be in black.
  • The main door should open clockwise.

Vastu Shastra For Living Room

Herewith your family, you enjoy your special moments, welcome your guests, friends, and relatives. This is probably why it’s a ‘living’ room because you seem to be more open and lively here. Should implement this interesting fact of Vastu Shastra.

  • A tastefully built living room speaks volumes about the house’s inhabitants! Make sure the living room is well organized and free of clutter.
  • A wind chime with metal balls can be mount on the living room windows; the calming tinkling sound of the bells is thought to kill the negative energy.
  • You can hang paintings on the walls of your living room that represent the free-flowing river, sea, or fish; it will bring luck and positivity to your family.
  • It is also a good idea to put an aquarium with elegant, safe, and active fish in the northeast corner of your living room.

Vastu Shastra For Bedroom

A bedroom is your own personal sanctuary where a ‘me time’ can be enjoyed. It’s even more important to be beautifully designing your bedroom according to your tastes and style. At the same time, compliance with Vastu will ensure that you exude happiness and harmony in your bedroom. Here are a few interesting facts about bedroom Vastu Shastra

  • Although, the southwest path is the perfect place for your bedroom; it provides well-being and good health.
  • Beautiful vivid colors and earthy tones on bedroom walls will impact your body and mind positively.
  • The bedroom mirror should be in place in such a way that it will never reflect your bed.
  • Make sure the bed is in the room’s south-west corner and you’re sleeping with your head facing west.
  • Couples must use the bed’s single mattress, and the wife can sleep on the bed’s left side. For a romantic ambiance, mood lighting and scent oil diffusers can be held in the bedroom.

Vastu Shastra For Meditation Or Puja Room

Besides, every other home must have a dedicated puja space or a room for meditation. A room for meditation ensures you take some time off and communicate with your inner self, and dedicating a room for your daily prayers will keep you well acquainted with the Holy God. Follow these interesting tips and facts on Vastu Shastra for the home temple:

  • Your house’s northeast corner is the ideal spot for a temple, prayer space, or yoga room.
  • Create an altar while installing a puja room in your house, and put candles and diyas of incense along with pictures of God on it.
  • Everyday morning and evening, light diyas or incense candles are good enough to remove the negative energy from your home.
  • The walls can be painted with white, yellow, or beige colors that are appealing and bright. These colors, in this spiritual space, will ensure a friendly and welcoming ambiance.
  • Therefore, set up a sacred space in such a way that you face the east direction when you are meditating or praying.

By spreading a sort of cheerful and lively interesting facts of Vastu Shastra lets us fill ourselves with positivity. By following these tips, you will realize that Vastu Shastra can influence us to practice a disciplined and harmonious lifestyle with the help of its ancient science of architecture and techniques.