PM Imran Khan wants BJP to come in power, wants Narendra Modi to win the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. According to a report published in Reuters, Khan said on Tuesday that he believes there may be a better chance of peace talks with India if PM Modi returns to power According to the Pakistan PM, if Congress wins parliamentary polls, then he would be afraid to start a peace process with Pakistan.

The Pakistan PM said during his interaction with foreign journalists that if the right-wing party wins in India, some sort of settlement in Kashmir could be reached. He also alleged, however, that the current Indian government discriminates against Muslims. He also raised concerns about the determination of the Bharatiya Janata Party to strip the people of Jammu and Kashmir of special rights that predict.

Imran Khan Wants BJP To Come In Power

Khan alleged that PM Modi was campaigning, like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Imran Khan wants BJP to come in power again, on the basis of “fear and feelings of nationalism.” He tweeted, “When ldrs in Israel & India show a moral bankruptcy in their willingness to annex occupied West Bank & IOK in defiance of int law, UNSC resolutions & their own constitution for votes, don’t their ppl feel an outrage and wonder how far they’re going to go just to win an election? ”

After the February 14, Pulwama Attack in which 40 Central Reserve Police staff were the martyr, tensions between both Indian and Pakistan accelerated. Jaish – e – Mohammed, based in Pakistan, had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Khan appears to offer an olive branch to India, saying that Islamabad determines to dismantle all the country’s Pakistan-based militias and that the government had full support from Pakistan’s powerful program army. There are groups involve in the Jammu and Kashmir attack that are to dismantle.

“May if the BJP — a right-wing party — wins, some sort of settlement can be in Kashmir,” Khan said in an interview to a small group of foreign journalists.