Immune System Disorder And Tips To Boost Up Immunity

Immune System disorder welcomes many diseases to nestle in our body. In fact, we all should know how to boost up immunity to ensure better health. Yes, the immune system does protect us from many diseases, especially from sudden cold and seasonal allergy. In our old age, immunity starts functioning less actively than at a young age.  It is, in fact, simple math that if your immune system is not functioning properly, you are likely to encounter diseases.

Most Common Symptoms Of Immune System Disorder

It is not very complicated to understand whether your immune system is not functioning properly. You can check the pre-sign or symptoms. Without further delay, let’s check out the symptoms of the immune disorder system.

  • You are frequently encountered with allergies and cold. You are suffering from eczema.
  • You face frequently constipation and diarrhea. More than 2-4 weeks of diarrhea indicates that your immunity is less active than it should be.
  • You have cold hand most of the time though you are not moving around in the cold weather.
  • You have dry eyes and sometimes you have blurry vision.
  • Your suffering from high fever, which indicates that your immune system is starting to overwork.
  • You are suffering from rashes.
  • Your joint aches inflame and you notice the pain increases in the morning disturbing you to move properly.
  • You are suffering from hair loss.
  • You are taking antibiotics prescribed by the doctors more than twice in a year.
  • You can’t resist the sunlight even in the early morning.
  • You are losing your weight.
  • You are suffering from diabetes.

It is indeed clear that to keep ourselves fine, fit, and healthy, we must keep our immune healthy and active. Some of you probably are still confused about how to increase immunity. No, it’s not very tough and complicated. In fact, you don’t need medicine. Even you don’t need to consult a doctor. You can follow some tips to boost up your immunity to lead your life healthy and fit. In addition, these tips will bid farewell to your immune system disorder and your immunity will start functioning like a pro!

Tips To Boost Up Your Immunity Like A Pro!

Try To Avoid Stress

Stress is our life partner nowadays. Yes, it is difficult to lead a life without stress. But you obviously know that it is stress, which is one of the main reasons for different diseases that we suffer from. Try to limit your stress. In addition, say bye-bye to your stress.  Search for some extraordinary, yet effective techniques to avoid stress. Obviously, meditation can be very effective. Try to enjoy your life. Literally, impossible is the word, which you can keep in the dictionary only, not in your life. So, never stress down if you are undone!

Do Regular Exercise

Regular exercises increase immunity tremendously. Even regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy. You can lead a very healthy and strong life by exercising regularly. Can you show a single drawback of a regular exercise? Without any doubt, It is also proved that regular exercise helps to lower day to day life tension and mental stress.

Avoid Smoking And Limit Alcohol

Smoking is the greatest enemy of your immune system. The immunity, in fact, becomes affected due to smoking. So, stop smoking to make your immune system survive and to function it like a pro. Alcohol also is one of the major reasons for making immunity less active. Do you want to get rid of the immune disorder system? Quit smoking and consumption of alcohol or at least try to limit alcohol consumption.

Add Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, And Yogurts In Your Daily Diets

Our immunity needs nutrients to function appropriately and amazingly. If you are treating your immunity what it needs like plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits, your immune system will remain healthy and active. In fact, it will fight against the odds of different diseases. Vitamin C has a great role to boost up immunity, reducing cold and flu. So, take papaya, capsicum, and potato. Interestingly, fermented preparation homemade pickles and yogurt contains positive bacteria that keep our gut’s immune system healthy and effective. 

Sleep And Proper Rest

We know that we are always busy as we all are physically and mentally on the move to reach our goals. If you are taking less rest and sleep as you are working more, obviously you are going to encounter many health hazards. Furthermore, your immune system will be less active to protect you. Indeed proper sleep and rest are necessary to keep the immune system active and strong.

Take Garlic And Medicinal Mushrooms

Garlic is an immune booster agent. It will keep your immune system young to function properly whenever you need.  Medical mushrooms are also proved to be the great agents to fight against the immune disorder system. In recent research, it was found that medicinal mushrooms boost up the immune system to fight against breast cancer, which is obviously great news.

Don’t Avoid Sunlight

You are not a vampire. Go under sunlight, especially in the morning to get vitamin D. Besides having many advantages of vitamin D, Vitamin D is also very helpful to make our immune system acts like a pro.

Take Some Herbs

Some herbs like Asian Ginseng, Eleuthero, and Astragalus are very helpful agents for the immune system. So, you should take such herbs to keep yourself fit and active. In fact, such herbs also help you to fight against some other diseases.

Take Diets With Enriched Antioxidant

Dark chocolates, blueberries, and honey are enriched with antioxidant. If you add dark chocolates, blueberries, and honey in your diets, you are feeding your immune system to be active and stronger. Antioxidant provides vitality of the immune system. Even antioxidant helps to lower your cholesterol level. That is why never ever forget yo include antioxidant in your diets.


This is, in fact, great news for the Indian. Indians use turmeric almost in every dishes. You know what? The indigents of turmeric help superbly and effectively from anti-inflammatory diseases. Turmeric is also enriched with antioxidant.  

Our life is obviously beautiful. We must live our lives in the fullest. To live our lives in the fullest sense, we should lead a healthy life. Actually, to ensure a healthy and balanced life, we must ensure that our immune system is functioning amazingly. Last but not least, try to control your blood glucose level if you are a diabetic patient.