How To Take Screenshot On iPhone X, XS Or XR

With iPhone X, XS, and iPhone XR’s fresh generation all-screen displays, Apple has altered the way you take a screenshot. Follow to know how to take screenshot on iPhone X, XS, or XR screenshot.

How to take an iPhone X, XS or XR screenshot:
1. You will need to simultaneously press the volume and the side button.
2. To create edits and markups, tap the screenshot preview in the upper left corner, or press long to share it immediately.
3. Tap on the top correct corner of the Done button. Save or delete the screenshot will be promoted. Save choosing will hold a screenshot copy in the Photos app.

As Apple keeps removing physical buttons from its device lineup, taking a screenshot becomes a much tougher job as the combinations of the buttons keep changing.

Apple produced it simple to take a screenshot of your iPhone. This enables you to capture what is displayed as a PNG file on your screen, allowing you to rapidly edit and share the picture with colleagues via email, text, or famous social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Hell, for further study, you can even send screenshots to tech support, or use them to create a guide rounding up different tips and tricks from Pokemon Go. Whatever the reasoning, here’s all you need to understand.

Taking Screenshots On iPhone With Buttons

Taking Screenshots On iPhone With Buttons

#1. Locate the required buttons: The Home button and the Lock button on your iPhone will be located. You likely understand where these are because they are literally the only physical buttons on the device that are not the keys to the volume. If not, sweat it not. The Home button is circular, appearing straight below the screen on the phone’s face. With the exception of the iPhone X, the Home button has occupied the same property on every iPhone model. The Lock button — also known as the Sleep / Wake button — is on your phone’s right side, at least if you’re using a 6 or newer iPhone. It’s situated at the top of your computer otherwise.

If you have an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, press the Sleep / Wake button on the right and the Volume up button on the left.

#2. Capture the screenshot: When you see what you want to catch (or the Volume up and Lock buttons on the iPhone X or later), press the Home and Lock buttons at the same moment. The display of the iPhone will then flash briefly white, indicating that the capture of the screen was working properly. You will also hear a slight noise from the shutter, as long as your device is not in silent mode.

Capture The Screenshot iPhone

If you press the Lock button in front of the home button for a fraction of a second, the screen of your iPhone will switch off. You will activate Siri if you press and hold the Home button for too long. Timing is all here, so if this is your first rodeo you may need to attempt to get the timing right a few times.

#3. Edit screenshots: Once the screenshot has been captured effectively, a tiny preview will appear in your screen’s bottom-left corner. In about five seconds, this preview will automatically vanish, but you can also swipe it to the left to reject it. You can crop or magnify the picture by tapping the thumbnail, or label it with a pen and different shapes. Tap Done in the upper-left corner when you’re completed editing, and choose whether you want Save to Photos or Delete Screenshot.

Edit Screenshots iPhone

#4. Screenshots view and share: Once captured, your iPhone will automatically save the screen capture to the camera roll (such as the Photos app). Just tap the Photos app, represented by a multi-colored sunflower icon of sorts, and scroll down the photo stream to view the screenshots lately captured. Then click the thumbnail to enlarge pictures, or the lower-left corner box while viewing the picture to access screenshot sharing possibilities through text, email, AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter, and other facilities.

Screenshots view and share iPhone