How To Start A Youtube Channel For Beginners

Getting started with content creation on YouTube is very easy. Before we start a Youtube channel, keep in mind the crucial importance of copyright. Be aware of the copyright for the creation of content. You can only upload your content or content from third parties from which you have obtained an express authorization from the owner to be able to use them.

Choose Your Name To Start Youtube Channel

Start by choosing a name that is related to your goals and content. Starting a YouTube channel is essential, a good start can lead to a better progression in the visits and subscribers curve that your channel will have in the future.

Define Your Brand, Objectives & Content

Creating a content strategy for your videos on Youtube channel to start is key if you want to reach a specific type of audience or achieve a certain efficiency. Your strategy will determine the activity you develop on the channel.     

  • Define your brand: Who are you? What is your job? Are you B2B or B2C? How can you adapt your image and values ​​to an online video format?
  • Define your objectives: Do you want to sell? Do you want to reinforce your image? Do you want to create a habit in the consumer?
  • Define your content: What type of videos can your potential clients like and be useful to? Tutorials, documentaries, product explanations, tests?

With time, it is necessary to make some adjustments or even change it completely, you are always on time. In any case, avoid chaotic behaviors that lead you to upload content erratically, without obeying a preconceived plan.

That is why it is essential to know who you are directing the content to and ask yourself questions such as what content they will like, what is the brand value you want to convey and, in short, answer questions that allow you to know how to apply branding techniques, how to be effective when giving yourself to know.

Depending on the answers to these questions, you will create one or another content. For example, if your objective is the sale of video games, you may be interested in making trailers, tests, and championships. 

Create Your Youtube Channel To Start

Creating a YouTube channel or to start a Youtube channel is relatively easy and is not far from creating other profiles on other social platforms.

To begin, it is advisable to create a Gmail account (Google email) from where you will link your channel and also your Google + company account.

If you already have a Gmail account, you should make sure that it is not already linked to a YouTube channel.

Once the Gmail account that you are going to use has been created, it will only be necessary for you to enter YouTube with it and begin to customize it. From this moment on, you can start uploading content. 

Today, we’ll also ignite some light in some of queries. Such as, How to start a YouTube channel for kids? How to create a YouTube channel? How to make a YouTube channel on a phone?

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A Beginner’s Guide To Start A Youtube Channel

Start A Youtube Channel For Beginners

How to get started on YouTube? This platform has enormous potential. Many YouTubers earn absurd amounts of money, some of them without a college profession.

How to start a YouTube channel? What do you need? Can I become a Youtuber? How to start a YouTube channel for beginners? Starting a YouTube channel in current year?

We have the precise answers to the first two questions and many more that will help you understand the system of this video platform.

1Be Consistent (Start A Youtube Channel)

Yes, your early videos may not look exactly like professionals but you have to start somewhere to start a Youtube channel.

Keep in mind that all those YouTubers who have published books today and make a living from what they do, have started like you, or perhaps with less, posting from webcams or cell phones and have grown immensely.

So don’t be left thinking that you have to do more editing or that you don’t have the necessary equipment.

Another important point is to propose realistic goals. By this I mean the number of videos you plan to upload and the interval that you propose for it. 

You must value very well the time you have available and the energy that you can allow yourself for this.

Yes, being a vlogger can be exhausting, it is not something easy, far from it, fast. You take into consideration that you not only have to film and upload your videos, but you have to do editing work beforehand, which takes time. 

So take this into account and set a goal (either a video a month or a week or whatever you can) based on your time and the energy you have.

Once you are clear on that, you will have to upload your videos regularly, all to keep your audience interested. 

You may not always be happy with your creations, but it is important to close a project to start a new one.

2Learn How To Press The “Delete” Button 

What you take out is as important as what you put down. To keep your audience engaged, you should avoid becoming repetitive at all costs. 

Don’t take many shots of the same object or place. You must maintain dynamism.

If it’s you in front of the camera, use different approaches, move around, interact with objects. That users do not get bored of seeing the same image for 15 minutes or be overwhelmed by a barrage of photographs that pass at the speed of sound.

This is so, the mass media have accustomed us to being demanding users. Our attention has to be pampered so that it is not dispersed with boredom. 

3Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

In keeping with something I said in my first tip, here I will be more specific: it is useless to compare yourself with the work of others when you start a Youtube channel. 

Yes, you can watch other channels and seek inspiration, learn tools and uses, see where you could improve.

But do not keep thinking that what you do is not as good as what others do.

What made them get to where they got?

Leaving aside all technical issues, all those YouTubers who today have published books and are world celebrities, start doing something just for fun a Youtube channel.

And they continued to do it for that reason for several years until they became what they are today.

As I told you before, do not come thinking about getting rich without working, because that is something that does not exist. Do this if you feel that you love him and if you have something that you think is important to say or show, and you will go far.

Professionalization will come with time.

4Critically Study The Movies, Shows & Videos

As you begin to experiment with expressing yourself in front of a camera, you will be more able to realize how the behind-the-scenes videographers you love work. 

This is very important because it will allow you to extract knowledge from what you consume.

Therefore, watch your favorite YouTubers. Also, watch shows and movies that you think have been filmed to your liking.

Observe the approaches and the shots, look at them again to perceive how they were made. In this way, you will obtain useful knowledge that you can later apply in your videos.

Sooner rather than later you will realize that by finding what you like about everything you know, you end up acquiring your own unique and personal style. Experience everything you can.

5Do Some SEO On Your Content

This is a point of capital importance when you start a Youtube channel and in which it is very common to fail. All your content can be great.

Your videos can be of spectacular quality, and you can be an incredible storyteller. However, if you don’t get to the top search results, no one will access your videos.

Production and editing are 90% of all work; however, it is the other 10% that will get your visits. Keep these points in mind so that your videos have a lot of views:

Descriptive title

When naming your video on the Youtube channel, you should avoid labeling it with incongruous phrases, full of symbols, and so on. You have to describe all the content in a few words. This is essential to attract views.

Write a description

As you will see, there is no science behind SEO. It has nothing to do with programming or anything like that. You simply have to use the options that the platform makes available to you.

In this case, you have to create a description for your video, not only so that users can have some extra data about what they are going to see, but so that YouTube itself knows, and can relate your content, not only with searches within of the same web but in other search engines such as Google or Bing.

6Don’t Look For Sophisticated Camera

It will be of little use to spend your salary the first day looking to use everything that famous YouTubers use.

It is not the camera itself that will give quality to your videos, it is how you use the tools you have. 

If you watch the first videos from DrossRotzank or the ones from Plug TV, you will realize that compared to the current quality, they were quite basic.

However, none of that stopped them, and their audiences stayed with them because the content they offered was fresh, original and you could see an effort on the part of the authors to achieve the best possible result. 

First get what you do is quality content. Strive to create original videos, with your personal touch.

It will be useless if you have spectacular equipment if the content is repetitive or copies of what other bloggers do. 

If there is something you need to worry about technology, it is that the camera does not move and, above all, that the audio is clear and without background noise. Remember that the important thing is that your message gets through.

7Don’t Be Negligent With The Audio

This is directly related to the above, and in this case, I am referring to an issue that matters here, and that is that you are always aware that the audio of your video must be heard clearly. 

You don’t need a professional microphone to get started, but you have to make sure that the equipment you have is up to the task and that it adapts to the conditions in which you are going to film.

If, for example, you make travel video blogs and plan to film your ascent up a mountain, the best thing is that you remove the audio and put good background music in the background. 

The wind on the microphone generates a deafening noise, which can be especially annoying for those using headphones. You should also see if there is a lot of echo in the place where you record or if it is a crowded or noisy space.

Audio is the main reason why your audience can love or hate your content. An excellent production example that we can cite is the WatchMojo channel.

Watch the videos on this channel and you will see the excellent quality of the audio, both in the modulation technique of the narrators and in the clarity of the sound.

These problems can largely be solved if you use an image hint, although this is complicated if you have to speak in front of the camera.

In this sense, never leave videos with outdated audio. A great advantage that you will have over other YouTubers that start Youtube channel several years ago is that today cheap equipment can offer great quality.

8Use Simple Editing Software

Since all these tips are for people who are just starting in video blogging, something very useful that you should know is that it will be useless to run to buy Final Cut Pro for your first project. 

Use the simplest program you can find to get started.

For your first projects, Windows Movie Maker will probably be more than enough and it is completely free. What’s more, you probably already have it installed on your PC or laptop.

Do not worry about what other YouTubers use, you must carry out your learning process. 

Over time, you will realize the limitations of the software. You will be able to experiment with more advanced programs, already knowing exactly your own needs.

9Be Sociable, Share & Collaborate

YouTube is no different from other social networks in the sense that it is a community with strong ties. That is why you must watch other channels. Leave comments and interact with those who are in the same activity as you.

This will open doors for you since YouTube is a community very willing to collaborate and spread. 

You can look for people who work in the same niche as you. Looking for collaborations, guest videos, and more. Of course, do not go right off the bat to ask Yuya to participate in your video.

But yes, participate, show a real interest in what others are doing. Stay in touch with your favorite vloggers, whether they are recognized or not.

It is a community and if you show a willingness to collaborate, others will show the same willingness. 

Most YouTubers do some collaboration from time to time.

Don’t post your videos and just forget about them. Be part of the community, I assure you that you will enjoy much more that way.

10Don’t Let Negative Comments Affect

This is one of the hazards of this job when you start your own Youtube channel. You will have already seen it on the channels you frequent. And yes, this is what we expose ourselves to.

It happens when we let strangers into our private lives. It is very easy on the Internet to say all kinds of things.

So you can never know exactly what reaction your content will generate.

But you can’t let negative comments from a handful of users make you abandon what you love to do. 

There are different ways to deal with negative comments. Some take advantage of them to generate some controversy and thus attract a lot of visibility. DrossRotzank is a clear example of this.

Others (most of us, by the way) prefer to simply stick with good comments or constructive criticism. It is best to ignore malicious words that do not add anything.

We will always have followers and detractors, and we will have to live with that. Be strong, that no troll has destroyed any video blogger.

As we’ve discussed deeply about the concepts and complications in new Youtube channel. Such as How to start a YouTube channel: step-by-step? How to start a YouTube channel from scratch? How to start a YouTube channel and make money?