How To Increase Followers On Instagram In Easy Steps

Instagram is among the most popular social networks in the world. On Instagram you can post photos, videos, and ephemeral stories, and it’s proven to be a platform where many big brands have been successful in reaching their audience. How to increase followers on Instagram is a most asked question among it users, increasing Instagram followers isn’t easy, but you’ll see the results if you follow these tips and form a strong strategy. Quality is at the heart of Instagram.

1. Know For What You Are On Instagram

That sounds really simple, but if you want to increase followers of Instagram, it’s the most important thing. What are you doing on Instagram? Is it for your website to drive traffic? Is it for a new audience to reach? You need to define your goal, whatever it is, and then form a strategy to achieve it.

2. Quality Matters Of Posts

With low-effort, half-hearted posts you can’t get away on Instagram. If your strategy revolves around photos, make sure you take great pictures of anything that you try to promote. For example, you could post a picture of a book you’re reviewing on a plush wooden table with a coffee mug next to it— this will immediately attract more people to your photo caption and that’s a big win. If I do.

3. Captions Post Details

We’ve seen accounts posting detailed accounts of how to take a picture, detailed recipes and methods of cooking, and even entire book reviews posted as Instagram captions. All this on extremely popular Instagram accounts, which shows that you should also post detailed captions along with quality content. You shouldn’t do this every time, but every time the caption adds.

4. Post Stories Instagram

By default, Instagram Stories lets you jump the news feed queue, and they even have a prominent slot on the Discover page. That’s enough reason to make good use of stories. We found that people love to send us their tech-related queries via the QnA feature of Instagram Stories, and we’re sure that you can find a better way to engage your audience through stories. If your account has that feature, you can even add links to Stories, so it’s another reason to use it as much as possible.

5. Get Connected With Others

Make Instagram not just a one-way street where you post content of quality, but never engage with anyone. In order to increase followers of Instagram, you should interact in your field with your audience and popular accounts. Comment on your stories or posts, or just like your account’s relevant ones. Another aspect of this overlooked is keeping an eye on what’s going on and hoping in.

6. Don’t Forget To Add Hashtags

To increase Instagram followers, there is no need to spam hashtags, but you should definitely use three or four popular hashtags relevant to your audience. For different communities or interests, there are niche hashtags and you should definitely target them to increase your reach.

How To Increase Followers On Instagram

7. Use Your Bio To Your Advantage

Your bio is your Instagram identity. You should update this regularly if you are hoping to increase your followers. The bio is the only place you can add clickable links, so you should update this frequently to direct people to your website.

8. Every Post Should Have A Call To Action

You posted your product’s great photo or video, wrote a great caption, but you have one more thing to do. For more information, tell your followers to check your bio for a link. This is a simple but effective thing that should be done by every account. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your followers to tag their friends who can relate to your product if you shared a great post.

9. Instagram Exclusive Offers

You can certainly do gifts and contests on your page to increase followers of Instagram, but as a brand, discounts could be a more sustainable strategy. On Instagram, you could offer your followers a discount coupon and be creative about it. You might have a contest once a week with a question about anything you want to promote and share the coupon with those who get the right answer.

10. Don’t Put All Eggs In One Basket

That’s really important. Make sure you’re on multiple social media platforms or have a website outside of Instagram at least. You should never forget that it can cut your reach at any point in the quest to increase your Instagram followers, and if that happens, you don’t want to waste your hard work.

Finally, we strongly advise against purchasing followers from Instagram. While there are several services that allow you to increase followers of Instagram at a low cost, these are best avoided. If Instagram ever decides to crack the whip, your account may be suspended or banned permanently. That’s not a point to risk.