How To Host Video Meeting In Google Meet

During the coronavirus pandemic, Google is making more moves into the video chat space, and offering any consumer its premium video conferencing service Google Meet to host meeting through both audio and visually free of charge. Google Meet is now free to anyone, previously available only to companies using G Suite, in a move that puts Google in line with competing video chat app Zoom. You will be able to use the video meeting app and get to know how to host a video meeting in Google Meet at and on iOS or Android mobile apps.

The free version of Google Meet requires that you create a free account with Google. Video calls would have a 60-minute limit, but Google said it won’t impose the limit until after September 30.

With the video conferencing meeting app called Google Meet anyone can host with some easy steps, Google also set out a range of automatic privacy safeguards, including video meeting host restrictions (such as the right to admit or reject access to a meeting and silence or delete participants), challenging meeting codes, and transit encryption.

Earlier this month, Meet began rolling out its free version. You will be able to host and use this app to conduct a video meeting along with audio in Google meet clicking at and on iOS or Android mobile apps.

Host Video Meeting In Google Meet

What Is Google Meet?

Google Meet is designed to allow dozens of people to join the same virtual meeting from anywhere with internet access, to talk or share videos.
It’s meant for use by businesses and other organizations, and it’s a great way for colleagues who don’t work in the same building to communicate.
An organizer of Google Meet can share with everyone on a call whatever is on their screen, and any participant can turn off their own audio and/or video feed at any time, participating however they want. And one can always host a video conference meeting for their basic purposes in Google Meet App.

How To Use Google Meet For Free

Go to the Google Meet page to sign up for the Google Meet free version. Then to host a free video meeting in Google Meet, select (personal, business, education, or government), enter your name, email, country, and primary use. Commit to the Terms of Service of Google, and click Submit.

Here’s How You Can Use The Free Edition Of Google Meet After You Signup:

  1. Go to (or, on iOS or Android, open the app or start a Google Calendar meeting).
  2. Select Start a new meeting, or enter the code for the meeting.
  3. Choose an account with Google that you want to use.
  4. Select Join Meeting. You’ll also have the ability to add others to your conference.

And that is that! Happy video meeting.

On a single call, Google Meet allows up to 100 users at a time-far more than the previous video chat applications, such as Google Hangouts and Duo. Before September 30, 2020, Google said. On this platform, the video meeting in Google Meet host can conduct 24-hour meetings at zero cost. While this could be cut short to an upper limit of 60 minutes after this date.
Scheduling, real-time captioning, and screen sharing are the other interesting functions of this teleconferencing network.

How To Start A Video Meeting With Gmail?

Open Gmail, Click on Start a Meeting.

Tap on Join Now in the Google Meet window to host a meeting. You will also use the PC or monitor for video and the microphone for audio if you access the conference on your computer.
Copy the joining info and paste it on a chat app to exchange the meeting code with new members. To send an email invitation, press Add People and type your name or email address, then press Send Invitation. Tap on Add People to invite someone by phone, and then tap on Call.

Ways To Host A Video Meeting In Google Meet

  • Open any browser on the web and access https:/
  • Click the join button or start a meeting.
  • Click Copy joining info to connect someone to a meeting and paste the meeting information on an email or notepad.
  • Select Add People, and then pick a name or email address to submit an invitation.

If a meeting is created on a personal Google account, an invitee may only be submitted by the meeting leader or called by the invitee. You only need to insert the invitee’s phone number to contact a guest to participate, then click the call button.

If you want to schedule a Google Meet video call for a later date. You can do so by going to Google Calendar if you wish to host a virtual birthday party or a video meeting conference later according to your scheduled timing in the Google Meet app.

Select ‘Build’ to enter all the event information and select the email addresses of the individuals you would like to invite. Now click on the ‘Add Video Call’ button and send your invitation. And the participants can not participate in a video meeting unless they have an invite request to join the video meeting in Google Meet or if they try to join, you admit them.