How To Host Video Conferencing On Zoom Meet

As coronavirus keeps people indoors, we’re all migrating to video chat services to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, and families. The video chat program from Zoom has been growing in popularity. It’s not new. The company was formed in 2011, but for a lot of people, it’s new. In case someone sends you a link to join a video conferencing on zoom meet, you are all set to start now. But you may also want to host video conferencing on zoom meet on your own.

Zoom is free as long as calls are held to less than 40 minutes and less than 100 participants as video conferencing on zoom meet. Or, you can upgrade to a $14.99 monthly entry-level package allowing you to host up to 100 people for up to 24 hours. Additional people, spaces, and options to record clouds cost more.

Host Video Conferencing On Zoom Meet

How To Set Up Zoom

  • Install the app from Zoom’s website if you’re on a PC. (You can get it for your iPhone, Android, and Mac as well.)
  • Click the “Sign In” button.
  • Enter your credentials, or build an account if you don’t already have one.
  • When Zoom asks you for permission to access the microphone on your screen, click yes.

In case someone sends you a link to join a video conference, you are all set to start now. But you may want to host video conferencing on zoom meet on our own.

How To Start Zoom Call

  • Hit the big orange icon with the camera that says “new meeting” video conferencing on zoom meet.
  • If you have one, you’ll be asked to get permission to use the camera. Just choose yes.
  • A dialogue box will pop up and give you “enter with device audio” or “test speaker and microphone” options. Run these tests to ensure that your microphone and speakers are working properly.
  • Check the box that says that when you join a meeting you can automatically join the audio by machine, so you can skip one stage every time you want to get on a Zoom Call.
  • Click on “Join With Computer Audio”
  • By clicking the box in the bottom left corner of the screen, make sure you’re unmuted.
  • If you see “start video,” make sure you’re ready for people to see you, too, click that. You can still pause or mute the video later.
  • At the bottom of the video screen, press the “manage the participants” button.
  • Hit “more” in the right corner beneath.
  • You can mute participants from here as they join your call or make Zoom play a sound when someone leaves or comes in. (Advanced settings are available on Zoom’s website, such as turning on a waiting room for people to land in before you let them in for your call.)
  • Invite others to come to meet.
  • Click the “Invite” button at the bottom of the window of the Zoom app, then click “Copy URL.” Send the URL to people so that they can enter your meeting from whatever device they use.

Host Video Conferencing On Zoom Meet (Web)

  • If you can not download the app to a device you don’t own, you can run a Zoom call from the internet.
  • Click the button “Host a Meeting” next to the top right corner.
  • Select “Off-camera,” “On camera” or “Just share screen.”
  • Click the link “Start Your Browser.” (If the app is installed, try launching it. Just press Cancel if you want to use your browser).