How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay

Google Pay has developed an exciting deal for Google Pay users.
Users can scan any Diwali offerings such as Diya, Flower, Lantern, Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay, and collect all the stamps to win Rs.251 cashback according to this bid. Using this offer will allow users to collect 5 stamps daily.

To get Rs.251 assured cashback and lucky 1 lac draw, they need to collect all the 5 Stamps and then enjoy cashback offers.

Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay

What Is Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay?

Rangoli stamps are the icons that seem to appear on Google’s pay app if the user makes a Rs 33 transaction. It can also appear when one scans the Diwali QR code on all the festive commodities available.

  1. Open  Google Pay App.
  2. Select New Payment & Select DTH Replacement Bill Payment now.
  3. The next phase is to recharge Rs.35 or More by DTH. If you don’t have DTH then please choose TATA SKY or any other Digital Tv network & make an Rs.35 recharge for (Remember that you spend money if you don’t want this sum not to be reimbursed, which means you spend Rs.35)
  4. Once the recharge is full, there are high chances you’ll get a Rangoli Stamp.

Get Flower & Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay Using Credit Card

If you have a Credit Account & Credit Card then use the Google Pay Account to pay your credit card bills.

  1. First download Play Store Cred from Play Store 
  2. Next pay your Credit Card bills using Cred Apps & you’ll get a Flower or Rangoli for sure upon completion of the payment.
  3. You’ll get either a Flower or a Rangoli, or any of the five stamps. When payment is made in Rs.50-150 the chances of having Flower & Rangoli increase.

Get Flower & Rangoli Stamp Using PayTM

This trick involves using PayTM, as users can use Google Pay to add money in PayTM. Let’s see how this happens.

  1. Click the Add Money option in the PayTM App first and add Rs.35 in the PayTM wallet.
  2. Select BHIM UPI now on the Payment Page for the next move.
  3. And choose Google Pay as the UPI Applications.
  4. Pay now with your Google Pay account. You’re done with that, you’re going to get a Flower or Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay.

Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay Using UPI

This approach would use either Recharge Or Bill Payment or Vendor Payment to get the Rangoli on Google Pay. Users must select New Payment and then use your UPI Connected Bank Account to reload or bill payment or check a merchant QR and then pay at least Rs.35. The payment on being successful might make you earn a Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay.

Win Daily Unlimited Stamps

  1. Build your computer’s Google Pay Clone App / Duel App or update it onto another device.
  2. Log in now using a fresh Gmail account (you can build a new Google account too).
  3. Then open the Google Pay app clone and enter a fresh phone number and there’s no need to connect in bank information.
  4. Now login to Google’s fresh account.
  5. Check the OTP & log into the application.
  6. Scan any image now using this account and get 5 stamps daily.
  7. On having Flowers Stamps or Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay. Click the Gift button and attach the stamps to the main account.
  8. This method can be used to gather infinite stamps by developing a new regular cloning account.

Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay With Link By Request Or Gift

  1. Options for Diwali Stamps first available.
  2. You can see choices for Gift or Request here
  3. You may ask your friends for needed stamps
  4. Otherwise, you can give any account or friends a gift winning stamp.