How To Get Google Adsense Approval In 1 Minute

Google Adsense is an organization of Google’s online ad network. Google Adsense, the most popular publicity network in the world.
AdSense is the way to earn from a blog or website, in simple words. If you’ve got a good quality blog or website, AdSense can let you make hundreds of dollars. The days passed when getting Google Adsense approval quickly was a big deal and people faced a lot of trouble.

But now I found many scenarios where people get approval without much content for their 1-week old blogs. If you’re asking how to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute, you’re at the wrong place because Google takes its own time, you can’t eliminate it.

If you’re a blogger and you want to earn money by blogging then there’s plenty of ways in the market. But Adsense is the only platform with its services and earnings reports that is trustworthy and transparent. Lots of ad networks claim that we are the best to monetize any blog but not all of them are trusted in comparison with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Approval In 1 Minute

These few tips will help you get Google Adsense approval easily :

Steps To Approve Adsense Account

  1. Google Adsense is an organization of Google’s online ad network. Google Establish an information portal and website.
  2. A top-level domain website should be on. Set up a website for example with http:/, http:/, http:/, http:/, etc. But com, com. Com will be the best.
  3. Take web hosting on a VPS site. You can get a shared web hosting service, which is better than the VPS server if you wish.
  4. Choose a light, white background, SEO-friendly, black font theme for your web site creation or design.
  5. Make SEO friendly 40-50 single content or a special tune on your site and put 3-4 tunes in each category.
  6. Making these pages important to your web-contact us about us, privacy policy, a disclaimer.
  7. Find out the specifics of ownership of your website with the port43whois domains, domain resources.
  8. Google Webmaster app, Yahoo Submit Your Domain, Bing Webmaster app, Alexa toolbar, and Google Analytics upload and register your website.
  9. Give a sitemap of your website to Google Webmaster.
  10. Do not forget to test on Google Webmaster for your website.
  11. Connect your website with the robot.txt file.
  12. Check if there are 100-500 visits to your website every day.
  13. Follow Google AdSense rules, terms, and conditions on Google AdSense. Check with to see if the quality of your website is different from others or well balanced.
  14. Then, check for the correct details for Google Adsense.

So hopefully, within three days, your account will get approval. If you have an account at Adsense, Google will be pleased to welcome you!
Google will not apply for AdSense approval on the Site, however. If you regularly apply for AdSense, they might send your website URL to the blacklist.
Consequently, clearance for the Google Adsense approval will be tough to obtain it later on.

Top Level Domain

If you are using the Blogspot website, you can get Google Adsense approval on the (dot) Blogspot domain since Blogspot is a Google site. You can get Adsense approval quickly and easily on the top-level domain.

But if you’re serious about blogging then start blogs with a top-level domain on WordPress. It gives you some unique functionality in contrast with Blogspot or other blogging sites. So just consider purchasing a top-level domain (.in,.com,.net, etc) for your WordPress blog from GoDaddy or other domain sellers, and launch your blogging career.

Copyrighted Materials

This is the main aspect of Adsense’s policies. Please note that all of the content and photos should be copyrighted on the website. If you use plagiarized material and pictures, there is a 1 percent possibility of losing AdSense approval because AdSense regulations do not approve content and images which are not copyrighted.

If you write these pages on your own, then acceptance of your application would be helpful. You may position these pages on the header or footer here, so it would be easy for anyone or your advertiser to find it.

Add Legal Pages

If you write these pages on your own then acceptance of your application would help. You may position these pages on the header or footer here, so it would be easy for anyone or your advertiser to find them. There should be pages like About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, etc. on your blog and website. For sure, Google Adsense will look at those pages. Carefully add these types of pages to your blog to get fast approval from Adsense. These pages are not very difficult to create and therefore all the information in these pages must be correct.

Correct Time And Articles For Google Adsense Approval

At times, after 10-15 posts, Adsense approved. And it takes more than 6 months and 40-50 papers to approve in less than one month and most of the time. But if you are working on a blog and applying for Adsense, according to our experience and google policy, there should be 20 posts in your blog, the domain should be at least 3 months old.

Other Ad Networks

There are lots of ad networks that allow your blog to be monetized with its own ad units. But according to the terms and conditions of Google Adsense if you apply for Adsense, there shouldn’t be any other ad network on your blog so just check that there shouldn’t be any other ad units in your blog before applying for Adsense.

When you have the AdSense certification, you can use their Ads on your blog to go for other Ad Units. Since Adsense makes the use parallel to Adsense of several ad networks.

Google Adsense Approval Policy Guidelines

Google has its own Adsense Policy Guide, which will teach you to step by step what to do to receive Adsense approval and how to stop blocking you or other website users in the event of phishing activities. Now that you already know what Google wants you to use the link above. You might still be rejected because of several criteria such as less content, violation of guidelines, domain age, plagiarization, Hacking Guides, etc.

Except for Google itself, no one can tell you the exact reason for the denial, but they simply email you back with a popular reference that will put you on their policy page.

Google Adsense Ads Unit in Blog (With Video)

When you create your website with a sales plan that can make Adsense feel attractive to accept for your earnings, you can get approval pretty quickly. And when you have Adsense approval, you can start embedding Adsense Ad Unit codes on your blog or sites, but you don’t know how to add those particular locations to your blog or website to get maximum CTR, and then the profit is all yours.

Here is a video illustrating the step by step process with Ad Inserter Plugin, a well that helps allocate ads anywhere you want.

Now that you know how the Google Adsense Team operates behind the scenes, and there is no Adsense approval trick anybody can help you with, you can upgrade your website and apply once again. Get the best content on your website and make sure the ads are published on your blog so that information is always elegant, transparent, and up to the point.