How To Delete Dream11 Account Permanently

Dream11 is a community for fantasy sports that focuses primarily on fans of Indian cricket. Currently, it has over 30 million active users registered on its website. Dream11 lets you guess the performance of the players and gives you the opportunity to pick your favorite 11 from the 2 teams. If they do well, you’ll get money from the award. If you have analytical skills and the same passion in sports like Cricket and Football, then Dream11 is one way online to make money. Now let’s jump into this article’s main subject, How to delete Dream11 account permanently. There are two approaches we will be listing. To delete Dream11 Account permanently you can follow either of the above methods.

Dream11 platform has evolved rapidly since they have named their brand ambassadors Harsha Bhogle and Mahindra Singh Dhoni. Yeah, you’ve heard that correctly. You may have seen Dhoni’s Dhimaak Se ad on TV or on the internet. But if you have to delete your Dream11 account, you need to know how to delete the Dream11 account permanently, as there is no button option to delete it directly with one tap.

Delete Dream11 Account Permanently

If you are searching for a precise and easy Dream 11 account deletion guide then you are in the right place. Continue reading for the step-by-step guide on how to delete Dream11 Account permanently.

Few Ways To Delete Dream11 Account Permanently

Although no official delete button is available on the Dream11 website, you can follow the steps below to get the appropriate one

  • Open and login with your credentials on the Dream11 website
  • Scroll down to the end, and find the Support Desk page at the bottom of the website. Navigate directly to Contact Us page-Dream11 Support Desk page.
  • Click on the link above and you’ll get a few Question & Answers pieces. Click on any section to extend the question and responses.
  • Then Tap still need help? Choosing Write to us. Only click here. You’re going to get a pop-up.
  • Mention now why you want your dream11 account to be deleted. Send details of your profile and ask them to delete the existing account with Dream11.

Their support team will take 2-3 days to process your request and will address you stating your account has been successfully deleted.

Another quick way to uninstall the Dream11 account is to send a mail directly to the Dream11 team asking them to delete your account using Dream11.

Here’s the official Dream11 email ID and email body you’ll need to send them.

Email ID: [email protected]

Subject: Delete Dream11 Account Permanently


Dear Team,

I’d like to delete my account on Dream11. My account information is as follows. Please help me in this respect and delete my account with dream11.

Email address: [email protected]

Telephone number: 91–99999999


Simply draft and give them a mail with the information listed. They will respond to your question and help you delete Dream11 account permanently. This whole process can take a time period of 2-3 days.