How To Delete A YouTube Video

If you have a YouTube channel, you may have uploaded a video that after uploading it on the platform it contains some issues that you want to resolve, or perhaps you have decided to clean up old videos that you uploaded long ago. Let’s see below, a simple step guide so you know how to delete a YouTube video from your YouTube channel.

Not all videos that are uploaded to YouTube are fulfilled with all guidelines and purity. It is possible that you have uploaded some videos on your channel that you are now ashamed of or do not want to continue adding views on it, so it is best to delete them, although the procedure to follow is very simple.

How To Delete A YouTube Video In Desktop?

These steps can lead us to delete YouTube videos individually or even the entire selection on desktop and mobile devices. So let’s delete a YouTube video, although the procedure to follow is very simple. Later we will discuss the reasons “Why do I want to delete a YouTube video on my channel“. So let’s move on to see how to delete videos on this video-sharing platform (YouTube):

● Login to your account

Firstly open the YouTube web page on desktop browser.

Then login from your account of YouTube channel in which you have a desire to delete your videos.

● Go to YouTube Studio

Once inside, you must click on the logo of your brand, where it will be displayed, showing an option called YouTube Studio.

Visiting here, you will see a lot of options where, among the options on the left, you must select “Videos“, as shown you in the following image:

Go to YouTube Studio To Delete Youtube Video

● Delete the video you want from your list

In this next step, the page shows you a list of all the videos you have uploaded to your channel. You will see that as you move the cursor to your specific video, a three-dot button will appear for the action options i.e. Edit title and description, Get a shareable link, Promote, Download, Delete forever.

Click on it and choose the “Delete Forever” option. After a quick confirmation question, click OK and your video is been deleted.

If you want to delete multiple videos and don’t want to repeat the OK confirmation step every time, you can do multiple deletions. To do this, simply go to “YouTube Studio” and mark the videos that you want to delete.

Then Tap on More Actions for finding the delete option of videos you’ve selected and then click on “Delete Forever“.

The message “I understand that deleting is permanent, and can’t be undone” will definitely appear in the window. Confirm by tick mark the message and click “Delete Forever” for deleting the videos permanently or hit the Cancel button if you have thought again.

That’s all for “How To Delete A YouTube Video In Desktop”.

How To Delete A YouTube Video In Mobile Device?

If you want to delete a video from your YouTube channel in your smartphone or tablet, the first thing you should do, if you have not already done so, downloads the YouTube application, available for Android and iOS from their respective app stores.

After downloading and installing the application, you have to log in to YouTube and also log in to your Google account.

Then tap on “Library” in the lower-right corner of the YouTube application and click on “Your Videos” option from the menus, identify the video you want to delete and tap the three vertical dots, then select Delete and you have to click OK to confirm the deletion.

There is a lack of multiple video selection option in the YouTube application to permanently delete several videos at once. For multiple selections and deletion of videos, you can download YouTube Studio application on your mobile and delete multiple videos easily.

Why do I want to delete a YouTube video?

Who wants to remove a video from YouTube and why?

This article will be useful to both novice video bloggers and those who mistakenly posted their video on their channel and now wants to delete it, but do not know how to do it.

The reasons are different:

  • For not respecting copyright
  • Because it is worthless content or needs updating.
  • For offering an inappropriate image of yourself.
  • To avoid the sanction of YouTube.
  • To change design, brand, business, or activity.
  • Due to a change in strategy.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Clicked on the wrong file by mistake while uploading the video.
  • By the huge negative impact of users repeatedly in the specific video.
  • The video is poorly edited, a better developed and expanded version of the video has appeared.
  • The video is out of date, you need to remove an irrelevant video from the playlist and re-upload a new one.
  • A user made a request (or demand) to remove the video because it violates community guidelines.

With your video, everything is clear. Removing it is easy. Making someone else’s video disappear is much more difficult and takes longer.

What happens when you delete a YouTube video?

These steps will permanently delete a video. Wherever it has been shared or embedded, there will now be a “video not found” message. It also removes all comments and votes, so if you upload it again, you will start again in terms of interaction.

Alternative: Hide it or leave it private

If you are not sure that you want to delete your video, an alternative is to configure it as “hidden” or “private”, whichever you prefer. With the first alternative, the publication can only be seen by those who have the link -so we do not suggest this option if it had already been published, while with the second option it will only be available to you and users with what you decide to share it.

Deleting someone else’s Youtube video?

Media literacy lessons on removing videos on YouTube will be useful for people who want to improve their reputation and remove videos that share personal information.

You need to delete a video from YouTube be It is very important to remove the negative on the Internet, even if it is in the format of a video on YouTube because otherwise, the advertising budget will go to null- after all, the company will continue to lose potentially interested clients due to a bad reputation.

Delete someone else’s video to protect your personal reputation. This is not only about bullying, i.e. cyberbullying. This is mandatory for lawyers and doctors, especially dentists. Where business is tied to personal reputation, professionalism, and specialist qualifications.