Home Remedies To Release Gas From The Stomach

The positive thing is that you can naturally reach out to a lot of kitchen components to release gas from the stomach. Here are the 5 home remedies to release gas from the stomach and you will get surprised to know, it really helps.

A gassy stomach can hit at any moment and, to say the least, it can be very unpleasant. In reality, it is a very uncomfortable situation that sometimes results in stomach cramps, bloating, heaviness, and heartburn. Medically referred to flatulence, it is a disease in your digestive tract where excess gas is stored.

But to deal with the issue, it’s necessary to understand why it happens first. Gas will accumulate in two forms in your digestive system. You ingest air that allows oxygen and nitrogen to invade your body when eating or drinking. When you eat your food, the second and more important reason is that gases such as hydrogen, methane, or carbon dioxide are released and stored in your stomach.

These gases can cause a great deal of discomfort if not released or in overload. A great deal depends on your daily food choices as well. The stomach does not quickly digest high carb foods such as beans, cabbage, chickpeas, and lentils or sugary fruit juices.

The 5 Home Remedies For Gas That Really Works

1Ajwain/Carom Seeds

Ajwain Carom Seeds Helps Releasing Gas From Stomach

“Carom seeds contain a compound called thymol that secretes gastric juices that assist in digestion,”. To feel better, you can have approximately half a teaspoon of carom seeds with water once a day.

2Jeera Water

Jeera Water Home Remedies To Release Gas From The Stomach

One of the best home remedies to release gas from the stomach is to drink jeera water. “Jeera or cumin contains essential oils that stimulate the salivary glands, thereby improving food digestion and preventing excess gas from forming.” Take a tablespoon of cumin seeds and cook them for 10-15 minutes in two cups of water. After your meals, let it cool down, strain it, and drink the water.

3Asafoetida (Heeng)

Asafoetida Heeng Best Home Remedy To Release Gas From Stomach

You could mix about half a teaspoon of heeng with lukewarm water and drink it to release gas from the stomach. Heeng acts as an anti-flatulent that prevents the growth of the gut bacteria that may be producing excess gas in your stomach. According to Ayurveda, heeng helps in balancing the Vata dosha of the body.

4Lime Juice With Baking Powder

Drink Lime Juice With Baking Powder To Release Stomach Gas

Stir 1 teaspoon of lime juice and half a teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water is another simple remedy by Ayurveda to release gas from the stomach. Drink this after your meals, as it helps to produce carbon dioxide that supports the process of digestion.

5Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea Is The Best Home Remedy For Stomach Gas

It is created in water by boiling a piece of fresh ginger root. Gingerol, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, is the principal constituent present in ginger. Drinking it before or with a meal encourages saliva secretion, gastric juices, and bile production, and neutralizes gastric acid.