Hair Loss Causes And Top Natural Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

Are you stressed due to sudden hair loss? Natural hair loss remedies can help you to stop hair fall immediately. Obviously, we are aware of the fact that chemicals are used in commercial products to treat hair fall. We admit that such amazing hair fall products help people in preventing hair fall. But it should be kept in mind that these products also bring some negative effect to our health since the chemicals used in these products are not always a blessing. What about natural products? Yes, these natural products also contain chemicals but the chemicals are blessing for human health since these chemicals are natural.

Hair fall is a very common health hazard.  There are in fact many reasons behind hair fall. If you know the hair loss causes, it will help you to understand the root causes of hair fall. This article aims to provide you with a complete picture on the hair loss causes and hair loss remedies that you can try at home to prevent hair fall.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss causes are not very completed. Advanced medical knowledge and technology have already sorted out hair loss causes. You know what? Hair loss causes can be divided into four segments:

  1. Medical Condition
  2. Improper Diets
  3. Hormonal Imbalance
  4. Age-Related

Hair Loss Cause In Medical Condition

A disease called Alopecia Areata is one of the major reasons for hair fall. In fact, this disease attack hair follicles which result in hair fall. In addition, infection in the scalp also triggers hair fall. Furthermore, thyroid diseases turn into more complicated hair fall. Depression, High Blood Pressure, arthritis, heart problems are also responsible for hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes In Improper Diets

Protein, Iron and other nutrients lacking trigger to form thinning hair which soon results in sudden hair fall.

Hair Loss Cause In Hormonal Imbalance

Among women, hormonal changes also cause temporary Hair Fall. During pregnancy, hair fall is a very common issue. When a woman discontinues taking birth control pills, there is the possibility of hormonal imbalance which may also cause hair loss. Menopause is also a key factor of hair fall since menopause triggers hormonal imbalance.

Age-Related Hair Loss

Age also triggers hair fall. Man and woman between 30-40 years will face hair fall which is very common. But losing a lot of hair is not very common. If you are losing more hair at this age, you must take care of it before you are going to bald!

Top Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Top Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Take A Great Care Of Your Scalp

We have already discussed that diseases in your scalp may lead to hair fall. So what you should do is to ensure that your scalp is healthy. You may ask- how?  After the bath, massage your scalp with your towel. This will, in fact, help your blood vessel work appropriately. This will also help you dry your scalp. Ringworms grow in the moist scalp. This is in fact one of the greatest hair loss remedies that you should never avoid.

Take Care Of Your Diets

Check whether your daily diets contain iron, protein, and other nutrients. If not, include in your daily diets. In addition, if you ensure that your diet is packed with the required amount of iron, protein, and nutrients, you can avoid many health-related disorders, besides this is one of the amazing hair loss remedies.  

Egg White Portion

Take an egg and mix the white portion of the egg with a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey. Prepare your mixture and then apply to your hair. Wash your hair after 25 minutes with your shampoo. You can apply this method twice a week.

Aloe Vera

Surely, you have heard about Aloe Vera that it has natural hair loss remedies. In fact, it is right. Extract the pulp of the Aloe Vera Plant and keep these extracts in a clean cup. Then apply these extracts to your scalp. Wash your hair after forty-five minutes with cold water. This method, in fact, is a very effective way to stop hair fall which has been practising since the ancient period. You can apply this thrice a week.

Coconut Milk

It is believed that coconut milk promotes hair growth and it also stops the hair being thin. Make fresh coconut milk at home and apply to your hair. Wait up to twenty to twenty-five minutes and then wash your hair. This method not only prevents hair fall, but also it gives you a very shiny hair. You can apply this thrice a week.

Green Tea

Take two to three green tea bags and pour into two cups of hot water. Make the tea cool and then apply on your hair. Keep around twenty minutes and then wash your hair. Green tea, in fact, has a great benefit of preventing hair fall. Yes, it has magnificent hair loss remedies.  You can apply this method twice a week.


Take a cup of yoghurts and apply to your hair, and wait around twenty minutes. Then wash your hair. Actually, yoghurt contains acidic pH which is very helpful for the hair. It makes the hair stronger and shiny. You can apply this method every day.


Blend onion and make juice of onion. Then apply to your hair, especially to your scalp. Keep it around thirty to forty minutes. Then wash your hair. You can apply this method once a week.  It is proven that onion helps to prevent hair fall.

It should be mentioned here that some of the medicines trigger hair fall. If you are experiencing sudden hair fall after taking any medicine, inform your doctor. Again the medicine of Glaucoma also triggers sudden hair loss. If you are concern enough from the beginning, your hair fall can be minimized if you take proper action timely. You can apply natural hair fall remedies that we have discussed. You will certainly get the result. But if you act very lately, that time you may not be able to stop hair fall. No worries! There are medical treatments for hair fall. Consult your doctor. Your doctor will decide whether medicines are enough or you need to go for a hair transplant.