Top 10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2019

Google Adsense is also the foremost popular ad network for bloggers looking to monetize their websites. However not everybody gets approved, and accounts may also get suspended. Google Adsense alternatives are ad networks you’ll use if you come across such difficulties. These Google Adsense alternatives may also add a lot of income sources to your blog.

So what’s a blogger to do to create some cash around here once Google Adsense proves to be a bit tricky? Well, that’s why we tend to built you a list of those Google Adsense alternatives.

Now first, plenty of bloggers truly do make a gentle monthly financial gain from their blog via Google Adsense. The most effective ones even boast up to six figures monthly income simply from Adsense alone.

However, whether you’re a blogger who simply can’t get lucky with Google Adsense, or you’re curious about making extra money blogging by adding alternative revenue streams, look into this list of Google Adsense alternatives and begin applying for a a lot of diversified income portfolio.

Perhaps you’ve had a tough time obtaining approved for associate Adsense account, or even you had associate Adsense account that got prohibited.

Whatever your reasons, you’ll be happy to understand that there are many fantastic options accessible for you to think about to help you make money online together with your blog or web site. we tend to invite you to check out these ten viable profitable Adsense alternatives.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

10. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser Google Adsense Alternatives

One of the oldest PPC networks is BidVertiser. It was launched as one of the many Google Adsense alternatives in 2003, the same year as Adsense. This is one of the best options if you can not get Google Adsense approval( or want an alternative). It is one of the oldest PPC platforms in the world.

However, the website design and reporting functionality that modern web professionals need to achieve success with paid media appears to have grown a little over the years. It still has one of the highest publisher cost per click rates compared to other smaller PPC networks. It’s also fast and easy to get up and run on the network.

9. PropellerAds

Propellerads Google Adsense Alternatives

PropellerAds is a large ad network specializing in pop-under ads, but also provides standard banner ads, click-on ads and video ads in banners. They also have sliders, sponsored links and other ad formats for publishers and are good alternatives to Google Adsense.

If your website is in one of the following niches, check it out: games, entertainment, films, dating, finances, software or gambling. They also have a high tier 2 and 3 country ad fill rate. So if you have visitors to the website from India, South Africa or Singapore, try them because they are the best Adsense alternatives.

8. Adsterra

Adsterra Google Adsense Alternatives

Adsterra is an innovative advertising network with an increasing number of major brands using the platform. It’s a platform I think is the best alternative for Google Adsense. 

It is the fastest growing advertising network and a respected online advertising space brand. Adsterra offers excellent solutions for publishers and advertisers who want to try something that is a little different from Google’s understanding.

Traffic monetization is easy with Adsterra as it provides a user-friendly platform and gives publishers a 100% fill rate as well as the highest CPM in the industry.

7. HillTopAds

Hilltopads Google Adsense Alternatives

Another popular Ad Network is HilltopAds as they are the best alternative to google adsense. Launched in 2014, HilltopAds is best suited to new bloggers and webmasters with experience! This network works with almost every vertical and offers ad campaigns in CPM, CPA, CPC, CPS, PPI and CPL with ad formats such as popunders, video banners, banners and direct links.

One of the top perks of HilltopAds is very generous payment threshold: only Net7. The minimum balance of $50 needs to be reached before the payment and can be paid via PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, ePayments, and ePayService. Another feature is Anti-ad blocking solution that is great for Publishers with mobile carrier traffic who want to reach every impression.

6. Infolinks

Infolinks Google Adsense Alternatives

Infolinks is one of the leading enterprises in PPC campaign text advertising. This is how it works: Infolinks does not take space on your website to display ads, unlike Google Adsense. Instead, some keywords are converted from your content to a link. If a visitor swings over the link, an ad is displayed and you make money.

Infolinks is unique in that they direct publishers to place their integration code at the end of their website. This means that when a site loads, the content loads first and the ads second, so that the loading speed of the site is not affected. This is an important factor when 47% of consumers expect to load a web page in 2 seconds or less.

Since, Infolinks has a niche set, comparable features include set-up time, ease of use, revenue generated and relevance of advertising.

5. Exponential

Exponential Google Adsense Alternatives

The disadvantage of Exponential is that it requires at least 500,000 unique users per month. I found it very strict for future bloggers when I checked their website requirements for publishers. But the quality of CPM ads is great about them and they the are best Google Adsense Alternatives for paying highest CPM rates. They are amongst the best in the advertising sector. They offer high-impact advertisements such as Rising Star ad formats and pre-roll advertisements with 55% of their revenue for their publishers.

4. Conversant Media

Conversant Media Google Adsense Alternatives

Conversant is an AdSense Alternative high-quality network with strong partnerships between publishers and advertisers. They work only with large established brands and offer a wide range of CPA (affiliate), video, display and other website offers.

Publishers who subscribe to CPA / affiliate offers are immediately approved for placements, as advertisers pay only for conversions. There is a strict approval process for display and video advertising due to the high quality advertisers.

3. Outbrain

Outbrain Google Adsense Alternatives

In 2006, Outbrain was one of the first indigenous ad networks to enter the market to market its services and they are now known as the best alternative to Google Adsense. Publishers are paid in proportion to the traffic they can divert to the website of the advertiser. Outbrain uses behavioral targeting to increase user involvement and offers recommendations for various types of media, including online, video and mobile. It claims to be installed on over 35,000 websites, serving more than 150 billion recommendations and 15 billion page views per month–more than 87 percent of the United States users of the Internet.

2. Taboola

Taboola Google Adsense Alternatives

Tabool is one of the fastest-growing networks for content recommendation in 2018. According to data released by Comscore, it recently reached half the world ‘s audience. Over the past 10 years, Taboola has become one of the most popular native ad networks for publishers and a preferred adsense alternative.

It purchased Covert Media in 2015 and developed its video marketing segment. Today, Taboola helps publishers to monetize their editorial content by showing both story and video content ads.

1. Google Adsense Alternatives gives you exclusive Yahoo access! Network Bing. They are one of the largest contextual ad networks in the world and have many leading editors such as Forbes, ELLE, Reuters and Good Housekeeping. offers several ad styles to publishers. However, please note that they only allow one ad type to appear on a page. The main style of the ad is the content ad.

These are contextual ad blocks in various sizes that meet your needs. The next available type of ad is the search targeting ad. These appear in the same way as contextual ads, but are displayed only for traffic searches. Media. Net also provides its publishers with web bar and mobile ads.

I think this is currently the closest best Google Adsense alternatives. Be aware, however, that they are known to suspend accounts and do not explain why. If you use them, read all the rules and follow them carefully.