Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram Users Unable To Log In

Social media users reported on the difficulty of accessing Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Wednesday night worldwide.

Facebook and Instagram had to admit the problem to Twitter, but it wasn’t solved until now. While some sites/apps work well, others can not access or login to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Users who are able to log in to the platforms also report issues such as freezing or blackout while using the service.

Yesterday Facebook tweeted, “We know that some people are having trouble accessing apps from the Facebook family at the moment. We are working to solve the problem as quickly as possible.”

It tweeted later that they were working to solve the problem. They could only confirm at the moment that the issue is not related to an attack on DDoS.

Instagram also tweeted, “We are aware of a problem currently affecting the access of people to Instagram. We know it’s frustrating, and we’re working hard to solve this ASAP.”

People are waiting for the solution of the problems and are eager to use Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram once again