COVID-19 Live Updates

COVID-19 live updates, cases, statistics & graphs monitoring the total number of confirmed, positive, and negative cases reports of the deadly decease of COVID-19.

However, coronavirus affects 210 countries and territories across the globe and 2 foreign countries. Although GMT+0 resets the day after midnight. The list of countries and territories and their geographic continental classification are based on a scheme of the United Nations.

Similarly, track all COVID-19 live updates statistics on how it has been one of the biggest global threats to public health in recent times.

This chart shows the live cases of coronavirus as country-wise and if you want to compare countries you can pick any country you are interested in.

About Coronavirus Live Updates Cases Data:

  • It’s changing quickly: This data is rapidly evolving, and may not represent some cases that are still registered.
  • This protects just those tested: Cases include those people who have been tested positive. Regulations for testing and accessibility vary by country. Some places may not have data because they have not published their data, or they have not recently published it.
  • Why do I see different data coming from different sources: Although, there are different sources which monitor and aggregate coronavirus live cases. Henceforth they update at various times and probably have various ways to collect data.