Constipation Relief, Symptoms & Causes We Should Know

It is indeed very common that we suffer from constipation and look for Constipation Relief. Many reasons actually lead to such a situation in our life. To learn how to get relief from constipation it is also necessary to know the causes and symptoms of constipation.

Though constipation is very common and it does not trigger other health-related disorder in most cases, one cannot rule out that it may not affect your health. In fact, during constipation, if you try to hard push in the washroom, it may affect your heart. Yes, it is medically proven that a heart attack might be triggered when one tries to hard push during constipation.

The Symptoms Of Constipation

  • You may have hard or too hard stools. Sometimes also you may have very little hard stool.
  • You also may face trouble having a bowel movement.
  • During constipation, you may experience that you have still stools in your bowl and it is not coming out.
  • Bloating around the belly is also a very common symptom.

The Causes Of Constipation

  1. When you change your eating habit and daily activities, it may lead you to suffer from constipation.
  2. If you are not drinking enough water and taking foods, which do not contain fiber, it may also trigger constipation.
  3.  When someone is very lazy and does not do any physical activities
  4. Lazy and physically inactive people are also prone to constipation.
  5. Pregnancy.
  6. Colon Cancer.
  7. Parkinson’s disease.
  8. Digestive System Disorders.
  9. Immune System Disorder.
  10. Thyroid diseases.
  11. Stress and taking less sleep during the night.
  12. Some medicine like antacid having calcium or aluminum.

Tips For Constipation Relief

Only the sufferers know how severely they suffer from constipation. You can get constipation relief if you follow the following tips:


You must drink more water. In fact, water helps to improve the digestive system. Water also softens the stools. So whenever you are suffering from constipation, drink more water. Yes, you will get the result soon. Yes, obviously you will get rid of constipation very soon.

Add Fiber Foods In Your Daily Diets

Fiber enriched foods are the best solution to get relief from constipation. In addition, you must ensure that every day you are taking fiber enriched food. Bananas, Mangoes, Apples, Oranges, Strawberries are the fiber-rich fruits. So you may have these fruits more. However, vegetables especially the dark colors are also rich in fiber. You must add these vegetables in your daily diets. Nuts, Beans, and Bread are also rich in fiber.

Coffee And Hot Lemon Juice For Immediate Constipation Relief

Caffeine found in coffee has a positive effect. The caffeine has an awesome effect that it loosen bowl, which means you may get relief from constipation by drinking coffee. However, do not drink too much since having too much caffeine has an adverse effect on health. You may also prepare a special drink. Take a cup of hot water and mix lemon juice. Drink it. Yes, this drink has amazing function to get relief from constipation.

Castrol Oil

Sallow one or half teaspoon of Castrol Oil in the morning before taking breakfast. You will get the result after 7-8 hours. Castrol Oil has such a compound that it starts to stimulate large and small intestines. However, keep in mind that the taste of Castrol Oil is horrible!

Regular Exercise

Never forget to do regular exercise. Actually, when we do exercise, our body muscles become active and interestingly our intestines become active also. Especially when you suffer from constipation, increase your exercise. Indeed, you will get a good result.

You May Take Laxative To Get Relief From Constipation

If you are suffering horribly from constipation, you may take a laxative for immediate relief. You may also choose herbal laxative.

Try To Take Proper Sleep And Cut Down Your Stress

Try to lower down your everyday stress level. You know it is the stress, which is the root cause of many health-related hazards. You can do meditation to cut down your stress. You should also take care of your sleep. You must take proper sleep at night.

In the concluding part, we are giving you very important advice. If you find that there is blood in your stool, do not delay to consult a doctor. Again, if you are suffering from more than 2 weeks of constipation, you must consult a doctor. Probably this is the symptom of another health disorder. Pain, while discharging stool and losing weight, are also the symptoms of other health issues. In such cases, you must consult a doctor.