10 Cheap Places To Travel In The World For Holidays

Traveling is not a hobby for people like us; it is just a way of life, a must to endure the daily monotony. And, when deciding on the next holiday and selecting the best places to travel in the world during holidays, the most important factor is the budget. It all depends on that, especially whether to go international or nationally. International travel has a share of suspense, delight, and, most notably, a great deal of mythology.

We do not want you to stop dreaming of fun trips that aim to carve out a special spot in your heart, while we know that things are not traveler-friendly right now.
Do you automatically start thinking about how much you’ll have to save to get there as you hear of international holidays? Worry no more, lovely traveler.

For the same plan, you will want for a destination out of our own country, one can fly comfortably in a foreign country. Yes, thorough research, insightful preparation, booking, and an ambitious spirit willing to face all challenges are necessary, but that’s exactly where the fun is!

List Of 10 Cheap Places To Travel In The World

List Of 10 Cheap Places To Travel In The World

1Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is one of those cheap international places to travel in holiday destinations where you can confidently claim,” Ah, the pictures were not photo-shopped! In reality, the white beaches, the blue seas, and the coral reefs are so lovely. Scuba diving enthusiasts will have a whale of a time here. While in the tropical forests there are lots of native flora and fauna if you’re up for any exploration. Of course, this is heaven for the beach bums … lounge while you drink your minty drinks!

2Kathmandu, Nepal

Quite much, we forget about our near neighbors and prefer to rely on cheap affordable places to travel vacations the world that is miles away. Kathmandu lies just over the boundary, with promises of mountains and spirituality, and a very cheap flight away from New Delhi. Travel to Kathmandu is a good mix of the old and the new. The modern and the traditional, in addition to being a portal to the Himalayas for mountaineering enthusiasts.

A journey to Kathmandu is a beautiful mix of the new and the familiar, the modern and the traditional. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durbar Square has many palaces and temples waiting to be discovered throughout the complex. There are loads of shops in the Thamel region that sell everything from mountaineering gear to souvenirs.


Yet Singapore is another great destination when you have little time and a tight budget. There is far more to the glitzy area than the designer brands on Orchard Street. At Chinatown Heritage Center, soak up the history, or take a Singapore River cruise. Visit the Zoo of Singapore, one of the finest in Asia. Spend an evening in the area around Marina Bay.

Explore the various options for dining at Clarke Quay by the Water. Plan your travel for cheap flight tickets early and even book your hotel in advance, placing Singapore at the top of your list for a cheap and low budget places to travel for holiday in the world from India.

4Malacca, Malaysia

We’ve all heard of Kuala Lumpur, but how many of us ever give Malacca a thought? Malacca is truly in one of India’s best cheap places to travel in the world holiday destinations, with its Portuguese presence clearly evident in the buildings and avenues, and a city brimming with heritage. A perfect place to come across antiques and other collectibles is Jonker Lane. With its various colors, Malacca is also the joy of a photographer. After a cheap flight to the capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur, get here by road; it’ll only take you about an hour and a half.

5Colombo, Sri Lanka

Before going to the beautiful beaches on the western coast of Sri Lanka, most people briefly stop in Colombo. But if all you’ve got is a couple of days off, and you want to leave the country, head over to Colombo and give it a shot. For a spiritual experience of one of the best places to travel for holidays over the world, visit the temple of Gangaramaya and other nearby Buddhist temples. Walk around the Colombo Fort town, where there is a rich history in every building and so many stories to tell.

Bargain to the substance of your heart at Pettah Market, the huge open market in Colombo where you’ll find everything from fruits to jewelry. Savor delicious food from Sri Lanka, especially if you like seafood.

6Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Surprised that our list of the best cheap places for a foreign vacation to travel in the world from India was made? It takes an outsider a while to see through the shades of glamour with which Dubai seems to have become synonymous. But when you do, you’ll find that in this amazing place, there is so much you can do. For history lovers, a long stroll through the old Bastakiya district is a must-do.

If you want to make a purchase or not, just for the experience, you must surely visit the Deira Gold Souk. Take a desert safari and do some dune smashing, get away from the noise and tourists. Or just be a tourist and tour, if just for the magnificent views, the Burj Khalifa and other popular skyscrapers.

7Bali, Indonesia

This is Bali, full of rice plantations that are so lush that you wonder if there is a kind of picture shop in existence. Intricately sculpted temples, blue-green seas, and sandy beaches are just a handful of items from Bali’s mixed goody pack. When you’re on this beautiful international tour, see a little bit of it all. Laze on Seminyak and Nusa Dua’s magnificent beaches.

Visit Ubud’s artisanal villages and the nearby communities. Lovers of water sports have plenty of opportunities for sailing or swimming. If you feel more daring, trek up one of Bali’s active volcanoes, Mount Batur. Give those sore muscles a soothing Balinese massage after your hike.

8Male, Maldives

In recent years, the Maldives has wooed the Indian tourist like never before, with its turquoise seas, vibrant sea life, and tropical spas. Located in the Northern Male Atoll, Male, the capital of the Maldives, is connected by air to major Indian cities. The aquatic life in the sea gives the word colorful a whole new significance, and scuba diving fans are set to have a very unforgettable encounter.

Head out to visit another occupied island after a few days in the capital, to get a true taste of the culture in this magnificent world. And yes, it’s amazingly one of the cheap foreign places to travel for holidays across the world from India, considering its magnificent and otherworldly appearance.


The world’s happiest country is the perfect place to be for some quiet, tranquility, and on top of that, flying to places and travel all over the world, from India is one of the cheapest nations. Indians will enter this country without a visa, known for its natural beauty and the vast expanse of unexplored territory!

Bhutan is geopolitically situated in South Asia and is the second-least-populous country after the Maldives in the region. Its capital and largest city are Thimphu, while its financial capital is Phuntsholing.

10Phuket, Thailand

Here, in our list of cheap places to travel in the world for holidays from India, Thailand features again. That’s how it’s budget-friendly. Since the 1974 James Bond Flick, The Guy with the Golden Gun was shot there, the world first discovered Phuket. And with its sandy beaches, blue water, and lively nightlife, it continues to welcome tourists. Phuket is a perfect choice, whether you want to have a relaxing time at the beach or party hard.