Cervical Cancer Types, Causes, Warning Signs And Treatment

490, 00 women suffer from cervical cancer every year and more than 270, 000 women die every year around the globe due to cervical cancer. Indeed, such a statistic is really an alarming one that no woman should overlook this cancer. In addition, if both man and woman are aware of this dangerous disease, the death toll may go down.

Definition Of Cervical Cancer

The lower some portion of the uterus that associates with the vagina is affected with cervical malignant growth which grows in the cells of the cervix. You know what? A sexually transmitted infection increases the chances of causing most cervical cancer. It is, in fact, the different strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). At the point when presented to HPV, the body’s invulnerable framework regularly keeps the infection from doing hurt. In a little level of individuals, in any case, the infection makes due for a considerable length of time, adding to the procedure that makes some cervical cells become malignant growth cells.

Types Of Cervical Cancer

Though the growth and degree of cervical cancer vary from patient to patient, this deadly cancer is divided into two main types:

Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Squamous cell carcinomas start in the flimsy, level cells which inlay with the base of the cervix. In addition, such cancer represents around 80% of cervical cancer patients.


Adenocarcinomas of the cervix create in the glandular cells that line the upper segment of the cervix. Cervical adenocarcinomas framework around 20% of cervical malignant growths.

You know what? Both kinds of cell may also develop in a patent. Furthermore, different kinds of malignant growth can be formed in the cervix, yet these are uncommon. For instance, metastatic cervical malignancy begins in the cervix and extends to other organ and part of a body.

Cervical Cancer Causes

There are many causes behind this deadly disease. Let’s discuss the causes:

  1. If you are having multiple sexual partners, the chances of such dangerous disease increases since intercourse with multiple partners lead to greater exposure to HPV.
  2. Skin Warts, Genital Warts, and other skin disorders also trigger more chances for such cancer.
  3. Smoking also increases the chance of cervical cancer.
  4. If a woman is taking oral contraceptive more than five years may experience cervical cancer since they are not using a condom.
  5. A girl who actually started sexual intercourse before she is 16 or within a year when she experiences the first periodical cycle.

Warning Signs Or The Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer


Abnormal Bleeding between menstrual periods, Longer and heavier menstrual periods with menstrual cramps are the warning signs of this deadly cancer. When this deadly cancer is developed in the cervix area, it affects the tissues in resulting in heavy bleeding. Bleeding even after sexual intercourse is also a symptom or sign. In addition, feeling pain during intercourse is another sign of such deadly cancer.  Furthermore, pain during intercourse should not be taken lightly since this is also a symptom or sign of cervical cancer. This is also a sign of Ovarian Cysts. Even if you start bleeding after a pelvic exam, it also indicates probably cervical cancer has already started to nestle in your cervix area.

Vaginal Watery Smelly Discharge

When cervical cancer develops inside you, you will notice vaginal smelly discharge. In fact, this discharge may be watery or brown or something like blood. This case happens since some of the cells in the cervix area dies.

Pain In Lower Back, Pelvic And Leg

The pain you may experience in your lower back or in the pelvic area. Sometimes this pain may stretch up to your legs. In fact, you may sometimes experience with swelling legs. Cervix area’s continuous pain is the most common symptom or sign of cervical cancer. But when the cancer is in advance stage you may experience extreme pelvic pain near the appendix.

Weight Loss

You may find that you are losing weight unexpectedly though you are taking your food the same as every day you used to take. You may also experience appetite loss.

Treatment Of Cervical Cancer

Depending on the stage of this disease, the doctor takes a decision on how the patient will undergo medical treatment. In fact, the doctor prescribes for some lab tests and Pap test (Pap smear) is the most common test prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes the doctor goes for surgery. Chemotherapy is also done to treat this dangerous disease.

Few Important Words

Since we all know that cervical cancer is a really dangerous disease, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle especially we must be aware of the causes of this disease and we must try to avoid those habits which cause this disease. The most important thing you must do to avoid this cancer is to take the HPV vaccine. Both male and female should take this vaccine. All teenagers between eleven to twelve years old should get HPV vaccine. In addition, if the teenagers do not take this vaccine between eleven and twelve years age-old, a woman can take this vaccine at the age of twenty-six and a man can take at the age of twenty-one. Safe sex practice should be adopted to escape from cervical cancer and most importantly you should stop smoking if you are a smoker.