Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider

Within seconds, Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider allows companies to access a huge customer base. If it’s start-ups seeking to meet new buyers or a developed organization looking to grow internationally, Bulk Messaging helps some kind of enterprise to manage their contact strategically. You will deliver notices, warnings, promotions, and other significant details to your customers through these platforms, on a forum, and at a time that is most suitable for them.

On the contrary, most studies reveal that consumers check 98% of the messages they receive, but they would only access 20% of their emails. It shows that messaging is an effective means of engagement to hold the audience involved, transmit the desired data, and, in turn, be able to create good consumer relationships and benefit from loyalty.

There are various providers of bulk SMS in India to choose from. Price comparisons alone will not help you find the right suppliers of SMS services for your business. Each aspect that defines the consistency, quantity, and efficacy of your contact with your clients must be evaluated.

List Of 10 Best Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider

So, taking into account certain variables, including optimum returns, customer service, efficient SMS APIs, consistency in scaling, straightforward costs, data protection, and limited downtime, here is a compiled list of India’s top 10 bulk SMS providers. This page would provide you with detailed information on the best suppliers of bulk SMS gateway service provider in the industry. You will be able to select the most appropriate SMS gateway service provider, depending on its prices, after knowing what your business is looking for.

List Of 10 Best Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider


Created in 2005, TextLocal is situated in the UK and they are also a provider of Bulk Sms Gateway service in India as well. It offers real-time updates to help companies keep track of the SMS received by them. It also provides businesses with many SMS options to select from. But the rates can be comparatively higher than in the industry.


The Italian company Ubiquity and the Indian company Solutions Infini (a leading industry leader recognized by Deloitte) came together in 2018 to create Kaleyra. And it is a multinational cloud connectivity network. It provides bulk SMS, email, pushes notification, email, instant messaging, chatbot. And it includes voice call services across sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, e-commerce, travel & tourism, healthcare, education, and more.

Kaleyra has strong connectivity, enabling it to reach customers immediately and effectively. It manages over 20 billion messages and 600 million calls every year.
Thereby, it provides features such as the Bulk SMS Gateway Service API, Transactional SMS Service, OTP SMS, and Promotional SMS as a bulk SMS service provider. The API of Kaleyra is simple, yet very strong. It helps you to program in the language of your choosing with consistency.

3Spring Edge

A wide range of SMS services, 2-way communication, and client loyalty programs are included in its offerings. Instant notifications are driven by its highly scalable API and web interface and can be conveniently incorporated with almost all technical platforms. To answer SMS or voice-related questions 24/7, their technical support team is open.


Digimiles is working relentlessly to bring about a positive shift in the SMS industry. It is famous for its professional team of experts who have served innovations to the table in various industries. Their main expertise lies in delivering some free promotional trials for SMS applications.


GupShup, a relatively old and established company, provides its services throughout India. Messaging APIs, BOT Builders, and Campaign Management are among its products. Beerud Sheth, who is also the founder of Elance, created the company. GupShup has recently extended its offerings to chatbots, allowing it to further improve its marketing capabilities and provide better returns on consumers.

6Wegus Infotech

SMS tools, email tools, and SEO services are offered by Wegus. Established in 2014, it is a relatively young organization and has yet to develop itself in this sector. It is continually growing, though, and has competitive rates.
Bulk SMS Gateway Service provider will help you better identify your target audience. And it provides you with the opportunity to access them at any time, anywhere. They would encourage you to simplify all processes of communication and reduce operating costs.

Most of them have similar services, but they have different characteristics, customer support standards, costs, facilities, and advances in technology. This is why before making the selection, it is important to consider what is of importance to your business.


Established in 2009, Kapsystem later joined Bulk SMS services in the area of web creation & design. They are a maximum provider of SMS Gateway services such as Voice Call, Missed Call Number, Transactional & Promotional SMS, and Telephony Solutions, and so on. They also joined the call center core reason only recently as well.


Beginning in 2010, Msg91 offers numerous products, including OTP APIs, Transactional & Promotional SMS, and has a special feature named M campaign that gives detailed information to its consumers and paves the way for consumer analytics. This helps consumers to use a range of add-ons, such as the Excel plugin, Google spreadsheets, and Email2SMS. They have a robust system and 50 million SMSs / day feature.


In contrast, to expand its presence in the Indian market, the US-based firm, mGage, acquired an Indian SMS service company, Unicel. Mobile engagement services such as Gateway Bulk SMS service provider and campaign management are offered across various networks. The in-depth analytics of the business for marketing strategies is different from those in the industry.


Via REST API calls, 2Factor is famous for its cloud mobile messaging. By enterprise-grade APIs, OTP, and Voice Call, they offer SMS Campaigns to customers. 2Factor has direct connectivity to Telcos and provides 2-6 seconds of average SMS delivery time. Therefore, customers are entitled to pay per delivery only for OTPs delivered within the first 15 seconds and by the primary operator at the first attempt.