Brain Tumor Symptoms And Signs- You Should Know Before It Is Too Late

Brain Tumor Symptoms and signs we all should know. If a brain tumor is diagnosed earlier, the chance of death can be optimized. In fact, Brain Tumor is one of the leading death caused health hazards in India. Around 28142 peoples were reported that they have been suffering from a brain tumor in the year 2018 in India whereas 24003 people died due to the brain tumor in India in the same year.

You cannot treat brain tumor at home similarly you treat diarrhea at home. But at least it is undoubtedly good news for all of us that brain tumor can be treated if it is diagnosed at an early stage. So it is really important for all of us to know the signs and symptom of brain tumor. Brain tumor takes many lives every year around the globe. Indeed a little increased consciousness may save many lives. That is why we all should be very conscious of the symptoms and signs of a brain tumor.

Brain Tumor Symptoms And Signs

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Headache Is The Number One Brain Tumor Symptom

Headache though is a very common health hazard in our life frequent and extreme headache indicates something else. Actually, due to many causes, you may experience a headache. Severe headache early in the morning and headache worsen with daily activities is the very common symptom of brain tumor. Migraine is also the reason for the extreme headache.

Loss Of Conciseness May Be Taken As An Early Signs

If you lose consciousness followed by relaxing and convulsing muscles, it indicates that probably a brain tumor has been formed in your brain. Numbness on your feet or hand you may also experience. Such numbness also indicates that you probably have a higher level of cholesterol or you may have the symptoms of a heart attack.

Loss Of Control Over Body Functions

Have you noticed that you have lost control over your body function and activity? You can’t move some of your body parts like legs or hands. It does not only indicates the possibility of a brain tumor, but it also indicates you have encountered with a brain stroke. Sometimes you may also experience that you cannot control over your body functions like unwillingly urine has been passed through before you reach the washroom.

Symptoms Related To The Sensory Sense

You are experience now and then with blurry vision. You may also experience that you cannot hear properly though you are conscious enough to listen. Yes, the sense of smell is also changed. You may experience that your smelling sense is not functioning properly.

Increase Of Nausea And Vomiting Along With Drowsiness

Nausea and vomiting are very common signs in almost for most diseases. Brain tumor also indicates symptoms with nausea and vomiting. You may also experience drowsiness though you are not the patient of diabetes or low BP.

Memory Loss

Brain tumor symptoms are also connected with memory loss. It could be a short time memory loss or even a long time memory loss. Suppose you have a plan that after reaching home you will call your friend Mr. Abhisekh. You have reached home within 15 minutes and you remember that you are going to make a phone call to someone. But you have forgotten the name of the person you wanted to make a phone call. This is actually an example of short time memory loss.


It is very common that a brain tumor patent suffers from depression. A patient of brain tumor feels sadness longer than the situation that other people overcome sadness. Again, brain tumor patients sleep less than a healthy person should sleep. They actually face troubles to have a good sleep.

Changes In Personality

It is also proven that personality changes among brain tumor patients. Suppose they love someone in the family extremely earlier but now they do not like the person at all. Even they started behaving rudely with their near ones. Sadly such a situation creates a frustrating situation for the loved ones.

Other Symptoms Of Brain Tumor

Reading and Writing difficulties and even pain on a certain side of a head can be experienced by the brain tumor patients. A brain tumor patient may also experience swallowing difficulties.

We all should be very concern about health-related difficulties we suffer. In fact, it is a wiser decision to take medical support if we face any health-related disorder. What should you do if you witness the above symptoms of brain tumor you or your family members are suffering from? Yes, obviously you must consult immediately to your doctor. Don’t make delay or it might be too late.