Blood Pressure Symptoms And Easy Prevention Tips

Blood Pressure, known as hypertension is a very common health issue that squeezes the sharpest teeth among more than one-third of the world population in the world. Yes, it is no denying fact that if you are suffering from hypertension, you are carrying a slow poisonous disease within you. It is a slow poisonous disease because the blood pressure, hypertension starts damaging your internal limbs.

To know more about the symptoms and prevention of such a fatal, yet a sleeping monstrous health hazard, it is wiser to know the stages of hypertension, the blood pressure.

Stage 1 Hypertension

If you are suffering from the high BP ranges from 120- 139/ 80-89, it is hypertension stage 1.

Stage 2 Hypertension

If you are suffering from the high BP ranges from 140-159/90-99, it is hypertension stage 2.

The Effect Of Hypertension

When you are suffering from hypertension, it starts to affect the function of your kidney, brain, and the heart. The chances of heart diseases increase more than 70% if you are suffering from hypertension stage 2. The sudden rise of blood pressure is one of the major reasons for brain stroke.

Symptoms That Indicate You Are Suffering From High Blood Pressure

  • Do you feel dizziness most of the time though you are not taking any medicine? If you are not suffering from dehydration, such dizziness indicates there is a chance that you are suffering from hypertension.
  • Is blood suddenly running through your nose? Such a situation occurs when you have high blood pressure. This situation also occurs on some other reasons, even when your immune system is not functioning properly.
  • Are you suddenly facing vision difficulties? It is perhaps due to high BP or diabetes or other health-related issues.
  • Are you facing breathing difficulty with chest pain? This is the indication of the high blood pressure along with heart disease.
  • Are you a smoker? Are you an alcoholic? The chances of hypertension are much higher.
  • Are your parents and grandparents the patients of hypertension? You are probably going to encounter with hypertension.

Easy, Yet Effective Tips To Prevent Your high Blood Pressure

Monitor Your BP Regularly

If you are suffering from hypertension, measure your BP regularly by yourself. Self-user-friendly BP checker machines are available in the market. Keep a record of your daily checkup. If you are above 30 and your parents, and grandparents are the hypertension patients, measure your BP occasionally like, once a week. Write down the BP unites as per date wise for future reference.

Fight Against The Stress With A Cool Mind

Stress is the root cause of many diseases. Try to limit your stress enthusiastically. Try to enjoy your leisure time. Even try to enjoy at the break of toilsome works. In many researches it was found that music plays a vital role to limit daily stress. If necessary you can choose meditation.

Quit The Bad Habit

If you ask any school student about what the bad habit is? 90% will answer that it is smoking. You are clever and intelligent enough. You also understand that smoking never ever brings anything good to your health. Quit smoking if you are a smoker. Even avoid being a passive smoker if you are a non-smoker. You know what? The alcohol is also responsible for hypertension. It is wiser also to quit alcohol.

Exercise Regularly

Definitely, you know that physical exercise helps you to prevent many health related hazards. Be active. Do exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and fine. Exercise also helps you to keep away from mental stress. In addition, regular exercise also keeps you to lower your cholesterol level.

Don’t Consume Too Much Caffeine

You know what? Caffeine intake increases the chance of hypertension. So limit the consumption of coffee if you drink too much per day. Large consumption of caffeine also triggers an increase in heart rate.  You should not consume more than 400 mg of caffeine per day.

Don’t Consume A Salt-Rich Diet And Avoid Processed And Fatty Food

Salt-rich diet is the best friend of hypertension. So limit your salt intake. It is recommended that you should take less than a teaspoon salt. Processed and fatty food are also responsible to grow the chance of encountering hypertension. So, it is, in fact, wiser to avoid processed and fatty food from your daily diets.

Tomato Juice

In a current study, it is found that tomato juice plays a vital role to lower high BP. Tomatoes are enriched with antioxidant and vitamin C, K, potassium, and folate. The Express UK claimed that such juice is very effective to maintain hypertension. Such juice also helps to lower blood cholesterol.

Maintain A Proper Weight

Proper weight is necessary to stay away from many diseases. If you are overweight, the chances of being a patient of hypertension and diabetics are higher. So, try to maintain a balanced weight.

It is said that health is wealth. To be happy in life, healthy and wealthy life is very much necessary. If you are concern enough, you can avoid many fatal diseases in your life. Just what we all need, is to be very conscious about our health with the easy tips to be followed avoiding hypertension and many other health-related issues.