Top 10 Biggest And Longest Sixes In IPL History

In the Indian Premier League, the importance of hitting big shots and especially hitting Longest Sixes In IPL is very much. Because of the sixes, the enthusiasm in the audience increases to an extent. The run rate of the team increases because of the long shot. Over the last decade, we have seen spectacular sixes in the IPL. Some shots are very powerful, while some are set with very good timing. Some sixes are placed over the wicketkeeper, which thrills him. Usually, an IPL season takes 600 sixes. Many sixes are easily planted, there are many shots that go beyond 100 meters.

Putting long sixes requires not only strength but also a better technique. Sixers are measured using a radar gun or Hawk-Eye technology. Players who hit long sixes are also honored in the IPL. Chris Gayle has hit the most sixes in IPL. Suresh Raina is at number two. If we talk about the longest sixes, there are many other players who are far ahead of Gayle. The record of hitting the longest sixes is in the name of Albie Morkel, who has hit 125 meters long sixes. The list also includes the name of Praveen Kumar, who is a bowler.

10 Biggest And Longest Sixes In IPL History By Distance

10 Biggest And Longest Sixes In IPL History By Distance

RankBatsmanSix distance
1Albie Morkel125 m
2Praveen Kumar124 m
3Adam Gilchrist122 m
4Robin Uthappa120 m
5Ross taylor119 m
5Chris Gayle119 m
7Gautam Gambhir117 m
8Rohit Sharma115 m
9Ms dhoni112 m
10AB de Villiers111 m

1Albie Morkel (125 m) (Longest Sixes In IPL)

Albie Morkel’s name comes at the top of this list of players who have scored the longest six in the IPL. In 2008, South African batsman Albay Morkel hit a 125 meter long six off the ball of Pragyan Ojha. The six that came off his bat is the longest six in IPL history to date. Albi Morkel hit a six off Pragyan Ojha that the ball fell outside the Chepak Stadium. No one has broken his record to date.

2Praveen Kumar (124 m)

The finest swing bowler in the Indian team bowled as well as hitting well. Praveen, who has retired from cricket, hit 124 meters long six in the first season of IPL with Yusuf Pathan hitting the second-longest six in IPL history at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

3Adam Gilchrist (122 m)

Adam Gilchrist, who is counted among Australia’s greatest cricketers, holds the record for the third-longest six in the IPL. In 2011, Gilchrist hit a 122-meter-long six off South African bowler Charles Langerwelt.

4Robin Uthappa (120 m)

In 2010, Indian player Robin Uthappa hit a 120 meter long six off Dwayne Bravo, playing for RCB, which is the fourth-longest six in IPL history.

5Ross Taylor (119 m) (Longest Sixes In IPL)

Ross Taylor, known as New Zealand’s finest batsman, takes some time to set the field but he proves to be lethal after that. In 2008, Ross Taylor played for IPL RCB, his own country bowler Jacob Oram A 119-meter-long six was hit at the Chinnaswamy Stadium with the ball of the ball. This six was also special because, after this shot, the audience present in the stadium gave him a standing ovation.

6Chris Gayle (119 m)

Caribbean player Chris Gayle, who has been synonymous with sixes in IPL, is bound to be named in this list. Kris Gayle, known worldwide for hitting skyscraper sixes, has hit a 119-meter-long six in the IPL. During this match at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, it was so strong that the ball fell out. His six is ​​the sixth-longest six in IPL history.

7Gautam Gambhir (117 meters)

Gautam Gambhir, who recently retired from cricket, may have been reducing aerial fire but his bat has also made the history of sixes once. Gambhir is the seventh longest in IPL history. Gambhir hit the ball from S Sreesanth while playing for KKR that the ball fell 117 meters away.

8Rohit Sharma (115 m) (Longest Sixes In IPL)

Team India’s hitman Rohit Sharma is unable to stop himself from standing on the pitch for a long six. In IPL 2009, Rohit made history by hitting a 115-meter-long six off Bangladeshi bowler Mashrafe Murtaza while playing for Deccan Chargers.

9MS Dhoni (112 m)

MS Dhoni, former captain of the Indian team, specializes in hitting sixes on the field. His helicopter shot is well-liked by the six cricket fans. Dhoni hit a six off New Zealand bowler James Franklin that fell 112 meters away from the pitch. This is the ninth longest six of the IPL so far.

10AB de Villiers (111 m)

Cricket fans get a different energy from the name of AB de Villiers of South Africa. The specialty of this player known as Mr. 360 is that he can shoot in any corner of the field. AB De Villiers has scored the 10th longest six in IPL history by no one else. In 2018, against Chennai Super Kings, he hit a six off the ball of his own country player Imran Tahir. The ball fell on ABD’s bat towards the midwicket and fell 111 meters away.