About Us

Jalewa is an online digital media platform based from India which was launched on 3rd-March-2018, it started writing articles and providing its readers with interesting, engaging and juicy content that would fill our customers in on the latest and most interesting stories.

Whether it’s entertainment, sports, information, or a cause, our stories are widely shared by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities all across the globe. Jalewa reaches almost more than 50 million readers every month.

Readers can view articles which is Trending (most viewed in last 24 hours), Hot ( most viewed in last 1 week) or Popular (most viewed in last 1 month). Furthermore readers can also react on the articles as Like, Dislike, LOL, OMG, WTF, Angry. Readers can also comment on a particular article and can even vote as Up/Down.

We also provide a feature of posting content on our website, where user can post their own article, stories, videos, etc. So posting your content on our website please contact us at: Click here to contact us