12 Models That Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Walking the ramp takes a lot of confidence and panache. Here is list of actresses who turns into Bollywood Actresses. It is not a matter of joke to maintain a hot bod that a whole nation can crave. I feel terrible when people turned into actresses immediately off models. Their logic she’s a model, she can’t do it for sure! But who said a figure of size zero is all a model can shine forth. I’d rather say to people like that she can sure do everything –look great, keep a hot and fit body, and also act brilliantly.

Our own Bollywood model – turned – actresses have proven this theory over and over again. These ladies, who can play so many roles successfully, I take a bow seriously. They have shown the world that models are far more than just their near – perfect bodies.

List Of 12 Models That Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

1. Aishwariya Rai

Aishwariya Rai Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

I don’t even have to introduce Aishwarya Rai, our ex-Miss World. Those beautiful eyes do much more than just make her look good. This lady is one of the world’s finest models and one of Bollywood’s finest actresses, even today! She also happens to have played in Hollywood movies as one of the few Bollywood actresses.

2. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Bipasha Basu, our very own Bong bombshell, can get any man on his knees to go weak. Her natural acting skills compliment her super sensual looks and body. Trust her to woo you every time she walks the ramp or performs in the film.

3. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Deepika Padukone is one of the rare model – turned – actresses that can literally blind any outfit. She is obviously beautifully amazing. But her natural acting ability is what makes her even more attractive. She’s rightly the nation’s current favorite!

4. Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Dia Mirza is wondering if she’s made of wax! She is charming with that perfect body, flawless skin and graceful personality. She is also known on the screen for her ability to make any character look real.

5. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

The babydoll of Katrina Kaif looks like making her look cute and beautiful at the same time. The beauty does not believe in adding too much drama to either her appearance or her performance. She gave the industry and fans some of the smashing hits to love her more.

6. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

The perfect teen idol is Anushka Sharma. She is representing the country’s youth. Her onscreen’ bindaas’ roles are nothing more than an extension of her own off-screen self. Trust her in any attire to rock. She’s redefined the cool, sexy news. For her effortless performing skills and easy-to-carry style, she is even loved.

7. Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta  Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Lara Dutta, our own sultry beauty, is one of those rare model – turned actresses that the audience has earned critical acclaim. She sure knows how to make her look elegant. But what she’s doing even better is getting ready for every character she’s playing on screen.8

8. Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Neha Dhupia is known on and off stage for her bold avatar. With her performing skills in both main stream and off stream cinema, she dazzles the audience. The lady also knows how to use flair and elan to rock the ramp. This beautiful model gives her on-screen characters more than justice and has won many hearts as well. Both within the industry and outside it.

9. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Our beautiful dimpled beauty has always been both on-screen and off-screen bubbly and frank. The cute smile of Preity Zinta only adds more charm and looks to her personality. She is an accomplished actress who gave us a few hits worth remembering. I wouldn’t mind repeatedly watching her movies.

10. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

What are we saying about our Chopra Priyanka? She’s a talented house – a great looker, a great actress and a talented singer. If you still feel that models are unable to act, go watch one of her films!

11. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Sushmita Sen, our Ex-Miss Universe is a perfect mixture of brain beauty. Trust her with this dazzling smile to light up any environment. Her cheerful presence and mature character portrayal make her one of my favorite model turned actress.

12. Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman Turns Into Bollywood Actresses

Old is gold–Zeenat Aman proves the truth of this saying and how! With her stunningly sensual looks and super confident acting skills, the lady made every young man run for his money. She does it to my opinion even today, but now with more grace. At a time when skin show was really a big deal, she came into the industry, but the lady always made it look classy, never cheap.